Thursday 29 June 2017

Hop, Skip and Jump

I did that and landed on a new cast on. The Reyna Shawl by Noora Laivola, a free pattern on Ravelry. It has been on my list for ages and today it insisted on being started.
I finished the cardigan back and had the yarn out ready to cast on the fronts and my hands just sat there, empty and idle, refusing to obey my brain (possibly it was because I slept late and the brain was in a state of catatonic shock).

Anyhow, I found myself in the sewing/dining room with a skein of Stylecraft Head over Heels (Sugar Loaf) in one hand and the appropriate needle in the other.
I will post a picture in a couple of days so you can see the pattern developing.
It is a single skein project and the pattern is simple to follow and written to make it even easier. There is even a row tracker to cross off as you go, and a stitch count at the end of each section. How cool is that.

Dinner last night ended up as spinach and ricotta cannelloni in a tomato sauce with new potatoes and leeks and cabbage steamed together.
 I wouldn't normally have pasta and potatoes together but did just 1 pasta tube and a few potatoes each. The biggest part was the veg and very tasty it was too.

This 3 meals a day is proving a bit ott for me, I have to take my meds with food, hence breakfast toast. Then by 12 ish I want something else. After consulting the oracle I can change to late breakfast/early lunch and then dinner a bit later than usual.
As I have had 2 decent walks today "brunch" was a small roll with some crisp bacon and a splosh of HP sauce.
Dinner tonight will be a bean and rice salad, I will dice up peppers, celery and red onions to stir through and possible some jalapeno chilli to give it a boost. I may well sliver up some ginger root as well and sweat it off with a little lot of garlic before stirring it through. I will also sprinkle some turmeric and cumin in there as well, all of these spices are very good for general health and I like to add them where ever I can.

The weather is still a little on the damp side but not at all cold.

Lots of telly watching happened last night, there was a double bill of The Blacklist and it was the season finale. I had guessed the "secret" almost from the beginning but did not see the twist at the end coming. No spoiler alert needed here folks.

I had a little look around on Netflix and downloaded a selection of things to try, most of them were deleted within the first 20 minutes, but I have a few more to look at later.

I thought that Riviera was going to be a keeper but about 3/4 of the way through the first episode realised that I wasn't paying attention and didn't care if they all got blown up so that went as well.

I have The Kettering Incident, Mad Dogs and The Last Panthers to try, I did see the first episode of The Kettering Incident and am undecided, one more episode and it will be save or sink.
Likewise I have downloaded Broadchurch and will be looking at season 2 over the weekend.

I will be having a weigh in on Sunday and will share the good or bad news. I have kept up with the nail treatment so far but will not bother with photo's till after 2 weeks treatment.

Now I have a date with a cuppa and my shawl, I am excited to see it finished and am already planning another using 2 different skeins to make it bigger. There is a big gap in my wardrobe that needs a few shawls.

                   TTFN                                          Pam


  1. The Blacklist is one of my favourite shows. Looking forward to season 5 in October. Did you watch Blacklist Redemption? We didn't think much of it and I guess a lot of other people felt the same way as it wasn't renewed. I love the shawl and the yarn looks very summery!

    1. I had about 20 minutes of viewing and then turned it off. I too am looking forward to season 5 although at one point it fell into the doldrums.

  2. Hi. I think you should watch Riviera. I have just finished watching all 10 episodes in one day. It is a little drawn out but quite good, you want to watch the next episode to find out what happens next and the ending is quite unexpected. Another good series I have just watched is Lucky Man with James Nesbitt.

    1. i did try riviera and was not feeling it, I started to watch Lucky Man but dropped out around halfway.

  3. I love James Spader. He is such a wonderful actor.
    I have the first episode of Broadchurch Season 3 DVR'd and will watch it this weekend. Today BBCA had the transition episode of Tennant/Smith and the Day of the Doctor. Watched them both. Tonight Outlander is back on Starz. I have both seasons on Blue Ray so I can watch them, also have the Starz app on my tablet so I can watch them when I'm not home. Can't wait for season 3 to start in September.

    1. Now, Outlander is on my to watch list, I need to have a search for it quite soon. I look forward to the new Doctor with great anticipation.


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