Saturday 10 June 2017

Sewing for fun.

I have been using my overlocker quite a bit lately and it has a tendency to jiggle around a little. I knew what was needed and today knew that it had to happen. I knuckled down and made a mat for it to stand on.
Not just any old mat, oh no, this is bright and happy and has a little pocket for all the shavings that swoosh out of the cutting area.
They normally end up on the floor, but no more. 

There is no excuse for waiting this long to make my mat. I have fabric and wadding, I have miles of thread and I didn't need a pattern, I had worked out what to do the week that I bought the thing. It just kept being pushed to the back of the queue.

While I was in the zone I cutout and sewed a hanging storage thingy. It has 4 storage pockets and will hang in the sewing room. It is being finished off by hand and I will show tomorrow. If I like it I will make a few, they will be ideal for using up odd bits of fabric. There may be a giveaway in the making.

We had a lovely day, washing on the line that was warm when I got it in.

Ben was off colour all day, he slept for most of it, just moving to drink or ask to go out. he ate nothing and was running a bit of a temperature.
He is still sleeping a lot today but has eaten a healthy size breakfast. It is far too wet for him to walk but he is happy (well resigned) to trot out into the garden.

I have almost finished the next sock for Fran. I put an afterthought heel in before doing the toe, I used the green and am so glad that I made that decision as I don't have enough yarn for both heels and toes. I will do the toes in the main yarn, photo tomorrow.

My phone is dead, really most sincerely dead. It needs a new battery and one is on the way down the Amazon. Just under £6 with free postage, not too shabby considering that the same one from Samsung was £25. daylight robbery.

I have pulled chilli from the freezer for dinner and cooked some rice ready to nuke when we are ready for it. But as I have just hoovered up a bowl of chopped salad anointed with a spicy garlic sauce, and the SO did the same with a chunk of chicken, bacon and mushroom pie, it may be quite late.

I now have to 'fess up. Sighs dramatically.

I actually got the chilli out for yesterday's dinner. More dramatic sighing and a bit of self conscious wriggling.

We went to Neath late yesterday afternoon to run some errands. I like to save them up to make the journey worth while.

When we got back to Pontardawe it was gone 5 and we had rumblies in the tumblies. That may have been all in the mind as we knew that our favourite chippy, Charlo's, would be open. Fish and chips for dinner Oh Yum. We did order small portions and still could not eat it all.  Just over £6 for dinner was not exorbitant and made for a lovely treat.

Now I must get back to my hand sewing, I want to have it done and hanging before the day is out. 

                        TTFN                                         Pam

PS. I so forgot to wish you all a good weekend yesterday, my mind was focused on Ben. 


  1. Hope he's feeling better soon, it's worrisome when our pets are not well..

    1. He has scoffed 2 small meals down and been drinking so I feel that he is on the way back to his normal self.

  2. Great idea re. the pocket in the mat for the overlocker. Will have to copy that if you don't mind.

    1. Copy away, I dare say that there are patterns and tutorials out there for something similar, all I did was marry a thread catcher to a sewing machine mat. I am quite chuffed with it though.

  3. That's beautiful fabric you've used for your mat Pam.
    Sounds like you are having a whale of a time with your sewing-x-

    1. I am indeed, after going through the sewing doldrums I seem to have come out the other side with more ideas than my head can hold.

  4. Glad to hear you are back on top with the sewing, I loved the fabric choice for the mat. Hopefully Ben is on the mend, pets are such a worry.

    1. Fingers crossed Ben is on the road to his old self. I just want to sew everything in sight.


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