Thursday 1 June 2017

Out and about

I had a drive out through the glorious Welsh countryside this morning, and there's more. I met a fellow blogger, Bovey Belle, at her lovely farmhouse. 
There was chatting, all crafty of course, there was coffee and there was cake. Home baked cake, the very best sort, moist and mouthwatering, full of apples and cinnamon. I really think I need to be adopted, or perhaps I should do the adopting.

I took a circular needle, 2.5, and some sock patterns and gave a quick show and tell on knitting socks on magic loop. I think that Bovey Belle understood but as a fail safe I pointed her in the direction of the Very Pink Knits podcast. I also said that I am available for emergency call outs, at a very reasonable fee. Cake, of course.

I came away with a veritable hoard of wooden loveliness, all to do with peg looming. there are looms straight and square, niddy noddy,s ( no idea if that's the spelling and too lazy to check) shuttles, sticks, pegs and mallet, 2 different sized heddles and the Creme de la creme, a bag of golden Alpaca fleece . I am in crafty yarny heaven.
Slight hiccup in the works is that the plumbers are here putting in a new boiler. The china that lives around the boiler area is now stacked on my sewing cabinet so there is no room to play.

I am pleased to tell you that I finished my dress, it is a wearable toille, very wearable. All I want to change is the bodice length, it needs about an inch added to sit at my natural waistline.

There should be a drawstring at the waist, but rather than resemble a sack of spuds, tied in the middle I left it out.

Much better with a belt even if it is a jeans belt, the only one I could find this morning, I have a shiny red one on the way. ( I do the belt up on the last hole as well as the model, it is just loose on her, she is a skinny minnie and I eat too much cake.
It is a very easy and comfy dress to wear and I feel a few coming on. I may even make a couple in a heavier weight fabric for the winter. I also want to try this with a scoop neck and with a different skirt.

I have cut out a Kimono style summer dressing gown for Fran, I hacked the pattern for a jacket, I am leaving off the patch pockets and adding side seam ones. I am also not making facings but will bind the front and neck edges, that will be cooler and I did not have enough of the fabric to make them and nothing that I liked as a contrast.

The dogs have just decided that the Plumber needs a good growling and the odd bark to boot. I have Rufus here again for a few days and he takes his role as my guardian very seriously.
Time for a walk I believe. 

                   TTFN                                               Pam

PS. I am at least a week behind responding to comments and almost 2 in reading posts, I have skimmed over a few but need a good afternoon to do a proper catch up. Soon.


  1. All sounds lovely (except the boiler) (especially the cake!). Your dress turned out fabulous. Curious about the kimono style dressing gown = hope you will show it.

  2. Pam - how LOVELY it was to see you today, and let you knit and natter whilst I watched. I love that dress you made - you have made a really good job of it and it looks great on you. I don't blame you for wanting to make more in the same/similar style and different fabrics.

    I have done a couple of rows on my socks and watched the how to video on Very Pink Knits (very helpful). I have to say, it is SO much easier knitting on the magic loop and MANY thanks for it and the patterns. I am delighted (and I am sure my dear friend Annie is, up in Heaven) that you have got the fleece and the looms etc. I was waiting for the right home to come along for them. I have kept her little heddle loom and one day (year, who am I kidding?) I will have a little go on that. I need to be cloned I think - I am always behind here like the donkey's tail. I was ashamed to show you my garden but hopefully I will be able to get on out there and do the tidying up which desperately needs doing. Keith is NOT a gardener, but begrudgingly mows the lawn for me, bless him, and does any digging I need doing.

    Hoping to see you soon.

  3. That's a very nice dress, the red belt will be just perfect.

  4. Love the dress, it looks as if it would be nice and cool.

    God bless.

  5. love the dress and the kimon sounds daf, thanks for the link to the very pink knits podcast have now subscribed !


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