Wednesday 28 June 2017

Much Ado about Nothing.

Yesterday was gloriously sunny, none of the promised rain until late in the evening. 
I left early and scooped up Chrissie to go to knit and natter, lots of chatting, about very little really, but all the better for that.

Knit and natter was loud and lively, I think that was encouraged by a drop in visitor who first of all brought cakes and secondly made us an early cuppa. We voted him in as an honorary member, well wouldn't you have done the same.

I finished the rib on my cardigan back and did 2 rows of the pattern, it could have been more but as I said it was a lively session and I spent a fair amount of time joining in the general melee, I also had a good drool over some yarn that Kate brought in.

I am so impatient to finish the yarn diet but have a way to go yet. I want to finish this cardigan and make another and knit at least 4 more pairs of socks. If we get a cool spell I also have the Flax sweater to finish off.

I made a batch of ginger in syrup, not over impressed but haven't tried it yet, it took a very long time to soften. I found another recipe and method to try so for the next batch I will freeze the ginger first to help break the fibres down.
I will try some in a cookie recipe at the weekend and see how it turned out.

I made  rhubarb jam for the SO, just a couple of jars and will make more a bit later in the season.

Still picking strawberries but eating them fresh, I may make another batch of mixed berry jam as it does set well, and I love it.

I have new potatoes ready and will be cooking some this evening, not sure as to what will go with them yet. I will be cooking a generous amount of mint with them but will not drown them in butter.

The June drop has thinned my apples out, dramatically on one of the trees, so I will have very few to remove next month. The Honeyberries need to be renamed Vinegarberries they are so sharp. I am very put out by this as I tasted some when I bought the plants and they were sweet. Perhaps it is the soil here, they will have another year to prove themselves and if still sour they will be composted and something else put in.

Ben went out for his walk and was so not happy with the weather, he really is a fair weather walker in his old age.

I did well on the food front, my usual slice of wholemeal toast for breakfast, a tuna and red onion roll for lunch and a small doughnut at knit and natter. Then dinner last night was a sweet potato, baked in it's skin and topped with bacon, mushroom and red onion mix sauted in the juice from the mushrooms. It was very tasty, I did have a small scoop of coffee ice cream, but that was a one off.

I am having a lazy day today, knit and natter leaves me quite drained when it is very lively and I had to water the whole garden yesterday evening. Of course that is why the rain came, DUH.
It takes well over an hour and I do a fair amount of walking up and down. An early night and a lazy day was called for. Everything is up to date, I was intending to sew but will knit instead, I want this cardigan to wear. soon, very soon.

I just had notice that the lovely Mandy, stitching for sanity, has uploaded another video on You Tube so I am off to enjoy that with a cuppa.

Why don't you join me?

                    TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. Knit and Natter sounds like such fun.
    There are no crafty groups around here that I can find. There maybe some in town but it's difficult for me to get there. Oh well I shall just have to carry on crafting and talk to

    1. Have you thought about having one at home, I did that when I lived in a village where the nearest town was a long drive away. There were around 8 of us and we met in a different house each week.

  2. love the sound of your knit and natter, I really should make an effort to find 1.

    1. It is good fun and we are a diverse group of ages and interests so there is always something to chat about.

  3. I will be talking to myself too lol there will be a group formed in the near future hopefully.

  4. Now the pollen season has gone over (for me anyway), I can finally get out and WALK again. You have no idea how good it feels to have some freedom back. I did two miles yesterday and 4 today, though it was raining - I got so hot I had to take my jacket off. I got a little damp but I'd have been worse if I'd left the jacket on! I am also counting the calories and made a wonderful soup today which served as lunch and actually (bigger bowl) as my main meal tonight. It has spicy taco beans in it and is SO tasty.

    Sounds like you really had a great time at Knit and Natter.

    1. The soup sounds good, I like spicy beans in lots of dishes. Knit and Natter is always good just some weeks are livelier than others.


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