Friday 2 June 2017

Woolly Roundup.

May was an excellent month for my knitting balance, if not for amount knitted.
5 pairs of socks,
3 hats,
1 child,s cardigan,

I did do quite a bit on the Flax sweater as well, just 1 1/2 sleeves to go.

The good bit is ......

Yarn knitted from stash       790 grams
Yarn into stash                     000 grams.        Howzat!!

I have also sewn 3 skirts, 2 dresses and Fran's kimono robe.

A very simple shape and only 3 pattern pieces, one of which was the belt. I decided not to make facings as I wanted it to be as light as possible.

In the same vein I omitted the patch pockets and used side seam pockets, a much lighter look.

All the edges are finished in the same way, over locked and a 1/4" hem. The cutting out and all the sewing and pressing took around 2 hours, I used a jacket pattern and just added 14" to the length. I am happy with it and it is on it,s way to Francesca. I have 5 more in the pipeline.

All of the fabric and patterns that I have used in those garments is from stash. I am feeling quite smug and pleased that my stashing in the sales has led to so much stitchy pleasure.

There is enough fabric to make all the garments that are on my list and then I can keep my weather eye open for more bargains.

Rufus goes home later this evening and I am convinced that he knows. He is being very attentive and loving, although right now he is sleeping off his dinner! and so is Ben.

Talking about dinner, yesterday, after the plumbers left, I did a major kitchen clean and then could not face cooking. Local Chinese to the rescue, very tasty far too much for me, and under £10 for 2. The SO managed to hoover it all up though so no waste.

Tonight it is Lamb and Veg Oggy with new potatoes, just the job.

On that note I am off to the kitchen to turn the oven on.

                       TTFN                                             Pam

PS. Have a good weekend, wherever you are. xx


  1. Love the kimono robe - great fabric for it too. What is Oggy? Never heard of that. I'm hoping to mainly knit and read this weekend.

    1. An Oggy is the Welsh version of a Cornish pastie, I make mine with Lamb and Leeks in a minted gravy. Although I have a friend from Lincolnshire who makes Tiddy Oggys which are a small pastie filled with potato, cheese and onion.

  2. Loved the kimono, wonderful for the warmer months.

  3. Gosh, you HAVE been busy! Love the materials and the patterns. Clever clogs aren't you?

    You will be glad to hear I am well into the sock knitting now - I made a complete hash of carrying on from you, but ripped it back (and made an even WORSE hash - hence wobbly bit in photo on my blog, but no one else will see the wobble when I have jeans on over them!) Thank you SO much for getting my crafting mojo back in the same room as me : )

    1. My mind is brimming with ideas for the weaving goodies, I am busy tearing fabric strips ready for the first attempt.


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