Friday 25 January 2019

Losing the will to shop

A big shopping fail! What Again? I hear you say.
Not my fault.
I had a list, checked and checked again.
Yes. Everything on it.
I had to go into Neath so decided to do it all there.

It was destined to go pear shaped.

My first port of call was Tesco, it is fairly large store there so I should have no problems.


4 things on the list were not in stock. Bother. (not quite what I said under my breath)

Oh well, off to Morrisons, that is where the car park is and they should have them.

Wrong. Again.

Off to Wilko, I need a bulb for the fridge, they have stacks of bulbs.

Right. Just not the size that I want. Bother. Again.

By this time my head was thumping, the SO was visibly wilting.
We exchanged a look, you know the sort, and said in unison "home then".

We had to stop at Tesco in Pontardawe for petrol, there was a massif queue in Neath, so popped into the store and found what I needed.

The camera will wait till tomorrow, or when I feel that I can face dealing with that. Right now I am going to take the dogs out, let the fresh air soothe my aching head.
Upon my return I plan on a pot of tea, knitting and possibly some chocolate. 
The SO is muttering about Mincemeat crumble slice, with cream, preferably clotted. 
There is no cream, clotted or otherwise in the house.
I cannot go to another shop, not even the village store, the very thought is enough to make me have a fit of the vapours.

I have a parcel to send off  to Francesca, tomorrow will have to suffice.

How about that for a Whingy Whiny post. 

Even the SO, who has enough patience for us both, uttered this  "We are never coming back". 
Ha, he has an eye test booked for next month. 

It was not all bad, on the way back from Wilko we walked past a charity furniture shop. There in full view was a blue office chair. Nice clean padding and fabric, wheels that worked and height adjustment that also worked. It is now in the sewing room in front of my machine. My existing chair is now positioned near the overlocker. No more moving the chair backwards and forwards.

The price? A sweet £7.50. One very similar in Argos is a penny short of £50.

Now for that walk.

                                 TTFN                        Pam


  1. Wow, £7.50, what a bargain. Must have gone some way to making up for the rest of the day.

  2. How totally frustrating but the chair is a fantastic bargain.

    1. I just tried to shrug it off and the chair was a sweetener.

  3. I stay so far behind reading posts, I forget how much I enjoy your posts. Oh, I rarely go to Walmart shopping and come home happy. When I read your post I'm always thinking, sure wish I knew what Wales...Neath...Tesco looks like, so I googled it. Oh wow, that was so neat. Now I can picture what it looks like way over there. It's all beautiful. Love, Henny

    1. We do have a great deal of rain but that means we are green and lush. The mountains are sometimes stark but when the heather starts to turn colour they glow.

  4. I love charity shop deals!! Well done! Shopping gives me a headache, too....I tend to go to charity shops or shop clothes are pretty boring but comfy!

    1. I would shop online but some of the shops that I use do not offer it. My clothes are comfy but mostly not boring.

  5. It has to be worth all the hassle just to get the chair...No!

  6. That chair was a real bargain wasn't it.

  7. Great bargain on the chair.

    I really dislike shopping as well, but as it is a necessary evil I try and get to it early.

    God bless.

    1. I try to go at the quiet times but sometimes get surprised by finding the shops packed.

  8. A great bargain to lift the mood after the stressful shopping trip.


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