Tuesday 1 January 2019

Waving not drowning

That is me waving to you all from the depths of the sewing room, it became a store room for a couple of weeks and the time is right to make a start on restoring it to it,s normal state. Controlled Chaos is my name for it.
I have made a tentative start, some packaging has been put into recycling and some has been put away to join the stash ready for the next go round.
Ribbons, tags, pom poms and the like have been added to my "floozy box", I call it that as I use the contents to tart up a simple gift. It makes all the difference when a jar of homemade jam is wrapped and has a big bow of many coloured ribbons upon it.

Although I have knitted, crocheted and stitched my way through the past year I do not seem to have made a dent in the stash. That is not quite true, because I have removed some containers as I emptied them it just appears as full as ever.

I do have some sewing planned and there will always be knitting on the go. I aim on finally using my collection of Stylecraft Special dk in a crochet project. Possibly a giant Granny blanket, although I did enjoy the squares for Francesca's. The idea came from the Cherry Heart podcast Battenberg blanket, but I was on a fairly tight time frame so all those little squares were a no no. 
To be honest they are still a no no, I can not see  myself committing to that at the moment. At some time probably, possibly in the last quarter of the year. That way I would be assembling it in the cooler months, it gets very warm once you are 1/4 way into a blanket.

I did not take part in the Christmas Eve cast on as planned, I gritted my teeth and carried on with those sticky socks, hip hip hooray they are done. I did cast on a pair yesterday, a pair for L, she loves the first pair that I made and will need at least 6 more pairs. That should eat a bit of the stash away.

I have 2 cardigans on the needles and will try to finish those before casting on another garment, there is also a huge winter jumper that is screaming to be finished. It has gone too far to frog so, even though I am so out of love with it, it will be finished and then find a new home.

As for "going with the flow" that is not quite right, I will not try to swim against the tide, but, I may have to try some of the side channels. 
When I was driving for a living I would often spot a signpost with an interesting place name. I would fancy just taking a detour to see what it was like. 
Well, when I am watching you tube videos I often spot things that are new to me, from now on I aim to try some of those out. Providing that I do not have to invest in a heap of expensive gear, that I may well only use the one time.

I saw someone jazzing up some plain glass containers with nail varnish. I do not have an array of nail art products to play with but they are cheap as chips in the pound shops and I do have a heap of glass jars.

Now I have to  get back to some more sorting, just for an hour then it will be time to take the dogs for a little stroll.
Dinner will be from my new book and spice kit, a veg dish to use the white cabbage, half a cauliflower and a couple of lonely sweet potatoes up. There is a part bag of raw cashews lurking in the freezer and they will go in too.

                             TTFN                            Pam.

PS.   Bumble Stitches is having a wip along for Jan and Feb so that may be worth a look to see if its gets me going.


  1. Happy New year Pam. I am loving knitting socks at the moment so will keep going until I run out of steam. Our decs aren't coming down until the weekend and then I can really rehash my craft room

  2. It sounds like your stash will more than keep you supplied throughout the coming year Pam. I still have decorating jobs here to do before we go back on the market in the spring, and changing my sewing room around so it doesn't have a pair of bunk beds in it for starters!

    You will certainly have plenty of sock-knitting to keep you occupied.

  3. Much tidying and rejigging needing doing in my sewing room and then I am determined to get some stash used up. I haven't a clue what I want to make besides a mixer cover but I am sure I will get inspiration from somewhere.
    I love the thought of a 'floozy box'
    Enjoy your crafty New Year Pam.

  4. I see Lucy at Attic 24 has a crochet-along starting later this week for a blanket. I'm tempted, but not a very good crocheter, will see what the pattern entails when she posts the instructions.

  5. Controlled chaos is a good term - I must remember it! It sounds better than 'dumping ground'!

  6. I wonder if stashes would be easier to tidy if we all did each other's?!!! Happy New Year lovely Pam xxx


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