Thursday 17 January 2019

Patience is a virtue,

find it where you can.
Seldom found in woman,
never found in men.

That must make me a part man then.
I have never been credited with patience, with myself or others.
Animals and children, yes. The infirm and needy, yes.

Shop assistants who have no idea what is in their place of employment, NO.
Drivers who can not park between the lines, NO.
People who listen but do not hear a word said to them, NO.
The list could go on for reams of paper, so I will leave it at that.

At this precise moment it is me who is in the firing line. The SO has a job that has to be done tomorrow and I wanted him to shop with me. There were a few heavy things and I was planning on looking at cameras.

We went off, I completely forgot 3 essential items, totally my fault I had not put them on the list. Did I look at cameras, of course not, not on the list. So it was a case of out of sight, out of mind.
Mind, what mind? Mine was left at home.

I did get everything that was on the list. WIN
I did succumb to the bargain shelf.  FAIL.
Not a 100% fail as what I bought is planned for Francesca,s next visit. It will save me both time and money.
I did find a French Press, and some really lovely coffee,both at a good price. WIN. We washed the press and made a pot as soon as we got in and it is very moreish.

I saw some yarn in Wilko,s, 80 % acrylic and 20% wool, DK in some very desirable  colours. I resisted. WIN.

I have the quilt top together. WIN
MY maths were so off that I have 6 blocks extra. WIN
They will be the starter for another quilt.

On a tangent, have you noticed how many You Tubers put up videos of their shopping? Do they really need to do a humongous food shop twice weekly (specially the ones who are on diet programs).
Does anyone really need to change their crockery every time new patterns are in the shops? 

Who the devil has the time to shop that many times in a week?

Am I just being curmudgeonly?

I must get that camera bought, I have so many things that I want to share. I have the lovely sock set that I won in the Strictly Sock-along run by Ali of Little Drops of Wonderful. There is also some knitting to show, and some fabric.

Dinner tonight is a chicken and root veg roast, from the freezer, all was bought at rock bottom prices, with some green veg it will come out at £1.50 for us both.

 On that note I am off to get the oven on and feed the dogs, to all intents they are behaving as though starving, fast.

                                TTFN                                   Pam


  1. Many more wins that fails there, aren't there?

  2. Hi Pam :) Curmudgeonly...I had to look that up! I don't know how people have time to shop even weekly. I do it monthly and barely find time for that. I'm the same as you though, I have patience for my pets and Alex but when it comes to strangers...nope, none. If they are rude, aggressive and nasty, my patience doesn't even exist.

  3. We often look at other people's shopping trolleys and wonder which army they are feeding. My friend is a 'crockery changer'. Mine will see me out even though I have several bits from different ones.

  4. Hope your evening meal was nice and tasty on this old winter day, I could almost smell it cooking LOL
    If its not on the list is doenst get done here ... list what list ... that's the case as I usually forget it!!!!

  5. Oh Pam....have a look at The Queen's Cabinet shopping jaw nearly hit the floor.

    Yes please....go get that camera. I need quilty pics to get me kick started on some sewing.

  6. Twice a week shopping!!! Lord no, I have enough trouble going once a week for basic groceries and a major shopping trip every four months or so.

    God bless.

  7. Well done Pam for sticking to your resolutions in the main. One of my pet hates is parking over the lines making it impossible to use the space.

  8. I follow a bargain page in facebook and the stuff people buy because it's cheap, I am forever asking did you need it. I can't walk past a food bargain, if it's something we use. I have resisted all the reduced Christmas food, good for the purse and waistline.

  9. I'm really funny with patience. I can happily sit sewing seed beads on and that takes patience but other things drive me mad. lol

  10. Well said Pam - my blue and white crockery is more than 20 years old and still going strong - if you're careful and look after what you've got then it lasts. I have a tesco delivery each week but any other shopping is only done for family birthdays and christmas, so not that often, now christmas is out of the way. But, I will quite happily walk round Malvern or the Festival of Quilts all day long 😚😚 xxx


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