Friday 4 January 2019

Many thanks.

I want to thank you all for your positive comments, I do love to write copious amounts of daily scribble here, quite frankly I am often surprised  the amount of readers and love the comments. That said I have been bad in my lack of replies, and even worse at saying a big hello and welcome to new followers.

Sometimes it just flows like a river down the mountain and at others it flows like mud uphill. But I do read each and every comment ( so does the SO, he loves them).

I have what seems like a bag of snakes about my feet, Rufus has come for some playtime and the only part of the room that he and Herbie can find to tumble about is at my feet. Of course it is the most narrow part as the coffee table is close to hand. I don't want to be stretching for my cuppa now, do I.
We have just come back from a decent walk and they still have boundless energy to burn off.

Dinner last night was pasta with heaps of onion, garlic, peppers and mushrooms in a tomato sauce, jazzed up with some chillies from my plant.

Tonight we are having a beany chilli, it is in the slow cooker, I was going to tip rice in there as well but settled on more beans. I have knocked many meals up over the years and enjoyed them. Of course I can hardly remember what went in never mind how much. This morning I weighed and noted down everything, I even weighed the chilli after prepping it. Overkill I suspect as I would not throw 2 grams of a fresh chilli away, or put a bit of a second one in. Silly.

I will let you know tomorrow what it turned out like and post the recipe if anyone wants it.

At last the terrible two have settled down, my toes are well trampled.

I have the rib to finish and then the heels to put in L's new socks, then I am going to look for a balaclava pattern, it has been so cold here the last few days and windy with it. My ears hardly get time to thaw before it is time to go out again, I fancy something quite bright, maybe with a little colour work. 
Francesca bought me the  Alter knit stitch dictionary for Christmas and it is chock full of colour work patterns. Lots of playtime there.

We are thinking of changing our instant coffee brand, we have been drinking the same one for a few years and it is changing. We did try one from Lidl but it was tipped down the sink, I am not  brand snob but will not drink or eat anything that I do not like.
We have discussed a bean to cup machine but the reasonably priced models do not have glowing reviews.
W had an electric percolator for a gift but is a touch underwhelmed with it, mainly it is not hot enough. It may have to be the good old French Press as filter machines never seem to achieve a good temperature.
I would love a coffee shop style machine but they are just too huge, never mind pricey.

I expect we will play the "wait and see what comes up" game. I do not want to end up with a very expensive White Elephant. They all all expensive if they do not work as you want them to.

On that slightly whingey note I will get those socks out and make hay while the dogs snooze.

                             TTFN                                  Pam


  1. Keep on working, great job!

  2. I don't drink coffee myself but I bought a Tassimo machine for Mick a few years ago and he loves it, he doesn't buy instant coffee at all now. I suppose it would cost quite a bit if you were drinking several coffees a day but he only drinks one on a morning during the week and two at the most on a weekend so it's his little treat each day.

  3. I have a simple filter coffee machine, which always produces hot coffee, I have had a couple of coffee shop machines, but as you can only make one cup at a time, I found it time consuming to make a few cups, and often the person with the first cup would have finished before I made mine, if they waited the coffee would be cold. I do love my filter.

  4. We have a Keurig machine and love it. We can buy different kinds of beverages for the house. One drinks coffee, I drink tea, and we always have hot chocolate.
    I never measure the spices for my chili. I use stew beef, cut up into smaller pieces or if I can find fajita strips, I'll use that. I just tip some spice into a cup and I use a lot of different ones. Chipotle, adobo, southwest spice, chili powder...kidney beans, black beans, and tomatos...Husband and kid love it.
    In fact, once the kid goes and puts gas in my car to replace what he used, I'm going to the market for fixins.
    I have a hard time leaving the house. It's safe, warm, and has everything I need.

  5. Find some friends with coffee makers and ask to sample theirs before you buy!
    Have you counted the number of sock pairs you've made? I can't manage to finish makes no sense. So I'm EXTREMELY impressed!!

  6. Maybe someone local will be offering a coffee machine for sale after it was bought as a Christmas gift and they don't like it ... you may bag a bargain the the next couple of months. Better still do a wanted post on local sites.

  7. I'm just catching up on blogs as I haven't had any time to blog for the last couple of days. Unexpected visitors on Thursday and a day of childminding today threw me out a bit but now I have a nice peaceful weekend to catch up a bit.

    I want the coffee machine they have in Frankie and Benny's....oh my word it is a dream machine....huge, red and chrome but I would have to have to win the lottery to buy one and have a much bigger kitchen to fit in. Ah well a girl can dream :)

  8. Coffee ! I was lucky enough to find an old cast-iron hand grinder at the markets, so grind my beans every 2 days.The cafe 2 blocks away roast their beans twice a week, so super fresh and I use a stove top Italian espresso 2cup, which is 1 mug size. I am fussy as I only have 1 cup a day.
    Good luck finding what you want.

  9. Hey Pam - I s like great minds think alike...I was just saying to my HG the other day after a rather bracing pup walk by the shore that I needed a balaclava! I fancied one of those ones with the beards knitted on!!! Could you imagine!
    I'm going to talk coffee to you now and try not to be outraged at the cost ... and I still can't believe this isn't too good to be true but like I say there is a cost! I discovered this when up in Newcastle seeing Miss 24.
    If you go on the website to look at the website of the coffee George Cloony advertises
    You can 'buy' a top of the range coffee machine the one is virtuoso I think - it makes mugs of coffee and larger that uses capsules for - 1p. Each month, £35 is direct debited away to the site. So your first payment is £35.01 BUT the £35 is CREDITED into your account to save or to spend on coffee capsules or accessories etc and after 12 months the machine is yours and you can cancel your contract if you don't want to spend £35 a month on coffee. Now I cannot hardly believe that I do this - £35 a month!!! BUT we do. And it can accrue so you could in theory save up and buy something big like another machine!! I ummed and Ahmed for ages thinking it's too good to be true - a lot of research etc and took the plunge. Anyway I like all the different coffees to try. I bought a milk frother too and consider it my treat. Look out for the best gift offers too - you get a taster box of some different ones to try with your machine I think. I buy a lot of the decaf ones too. The machine itself isn't too big and is sleek and beautiful! My normal instant coffee is kenco de caff - only one I prefer and is often on offer. I've tried the Aldi and Lidl equivalent and just don't like them. I am laughing to myself now Pam as I'm imagining you picking yourself up the floor as my revelation of £35 a month on coffee!!!!!!
    Our ethos post cancer has been life is short so just do it! Also it's my treat now instead of probably the £35 at least I used to eat a month of junk food!!!!

    1. Not shocked at all, it is a treat, you would not buy many cigarettes for that money. It would buy you 1 1/2 skeins of hand dyed yarn or almost enough fabric for a dress. Francesca probably spends more than that on her nails.

  10. Morning Pam - Happy New Year.

    Reading your comment about coffee, reminds me that hubby has recently tried the Lidl own brand and didn't say one way or the other about it. I am a tea drinker, so cannot comment. We've bought the Aldi coffee for years and I know exactly how much to use to make it drinkable. It's on the shopping list for next visit. The coffee machines are not only expensive to buy, expensive to use too.

    Love hearing about your dogs and pleased that Herbie has settled down and into the fold. Big hugs to them.

    Best wishes


  11. We have a very simple drip machine, and now that I can't drink any kind of coffee anymore (even decaf) with my ulcerative colitis, it's just for hubby and he only has a cup in the weekday mornings.


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