Thursday 3 January 2019

Too much of a good thing?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the extended period of Hygge, perhaps a bit too much.
I have always been happy in my own skin and content with my life choices.
I do think that I am perhaps turning into a bit of a hermit, even a recluse.
I have immersed myself in my home to the point that apart from walking the dogs, which I revel in, and the essential shopping trips, which I endure with gritted teeth (oops, sore subject), I hardly leave the house.
There is time in the garden which does not count and I do stop and chat with the other dog walkers. But on the whole my social life has dried up and withered away.
Goodness I have come over all Miss Haversham, apart from the cobwebs and years of decay.
The decorations are mostly down and every room has had a good going over. 
I am slightly concerned that I have no inclination to venture forth into the outside world. I acknowledge that my teeth issues have had an impact, I forget about them for the main part though.
I have always been outgoing, my family have said that I would talk to a fence post if that was all there was available. I still chat to anyone that I happen upon but do not go out with the plan to socialise.
I did not make it to Llandeilo after all, partially as Francesca was so poorly and Herbie,s fascination with the tree and all its decs meant that he could not be left.
Mostly though it was just a surfeit of "happy to stay at home" that kept me away.
I intend to try and get there this Saturday, as long as the weather is reasonable, there are things that I need to take and purchases to be made.

My Grandmother was a homebody and I have always been very much like her. I do miss the chatting though and catching up is a must before I fall so far behind that it becomes almost impossible.

That is enough soul searching for one day, it is time to scoop up Herbie and collect Rufus for their joint walk. It is cold out there this morning so hat, scarf and gloves will be needed and I may try to get Herbie into his coat. He hates it so success is not guaranteed.
Wish me luck and no torn fingernails.

                   TTFN                                         Pam


  1. I'm a bit of a home body too. I get out and about a bit but much prefer to be safe and cosy at home really.

  2. I also love being at home but when at home I think I should be out and when out I long to be back home, lol That's typical me.

  3. I just said the same thing the other day...I am pretty content to be here, doing the things I love to do. Not a bad thing, I think!

  4. I find as I get older my desire to go out is on the wain, I can always find something to keep me busy, and enjoy time home alone.

  5. It does sound as though the mouth problems have affected you greatly, Pam - not surprising at all. And during wintertime, most of us feel like hunkering down at home in the warm. You might feel more like going out in the Spring - not that there's anything wrong with staying home, other than perhaps the risk of becoming isolated.

  6. But you are venturing into the outside world, just not physically. This blog is your way of chatting with all of us. I don’t have as big of a circle of girlfriends as when I was younger and the blogs I read faithfully help fill that hole. I’m not much for talking on the phone so the occasional lunch with friends and my blog friends are perfect for me.

  7. It wouldn't bother me if i ever went out. Hubby is the exact opposite. He goes to the mall every day to walk laps for exercise. I go with him, reluctantly, about 4 times a week.

  8. I feel like you just niw Pam-happy in my home with all my toys. I have friends coming today for coffee and a chat which I will enjoy but I’ll be happy to spend the rest of the day putting away the last of the Christmas stuff. I’ll be “coorieing doon “which apparently is the new hygge but which we in Scotland have always done in the dark winter months.

  9. I like being at home too, but I also enjoy meeting with my crafting friends at the community centre each week and my book group - just a couple of hours af a time, good fun and it's good for those that live alone to join us.

  10. I love staying at home Pam and don't really do much in the way of socialising. I like my own company and pottering about in the house.
    I don't even like going on holiday.....two days and I am homesick.


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