Sunday 27 January 2019

Woo Hoo

Finally, I have a camera. I am made up. It is another simple "point ans shoot" digital. I do not need, or want, a huge, heavy all singing all dancing bit of kit. I only take photos for the blog or family and do not need £???,s worth of camera, that weighs a ton, to do that.

I hitched a ride with W to Ystalafera yesterday and did the rest of my shopping in Asda, thank goodness that is now all done for the week. There are several items that I like from Asda, not enough to warrant a trip and not enough for a delivery. However, I think that I will do a stock up shop once every couple of months or so now. I am far too tight/thrifty to spend time and petrol travelling just for a few items, but am happy to have a delivery every now and then. It doesn't really go against my idea of a smaller store cupboard as I will only order frequently enough so that I do not run out. I will not be stashing a couple of years worth away.

My newest cast on is progressing well, I have put the sleeve stitches on to waste yarn and am working my way down the body. I have started the waist shaping, such as it is, only 12 stitches off over 4 ", it hardly seems worth it. I will do it this time though, I will decide whether or not to repeat on the next one. Yes, there will be a second as I have the yarn in stash.
I watch the Nordic Stitches podcast and Lilli is also knitting from stash this year. Just like me she will only buy yarn if it is for a special project. It is the only way, I found myself on a yarn site yesterday with my finger poised to add over a Kg of yarn to my basket! Luckily I returned to reality in the nick of time. It was a close run thing, there were 2 jumper quantities and no fewer than 5 skeins of sock yarn in my list, phew.

I found a pair of socks on Ravelry with Hares and Hearts on them, I looked for them after seeing Angela from YarnNYarn podcast knitting them, the pattern was not too pricey.  I thought about it and let it go.
I have my new book Alterknit. There is a stitch pattern of rabbits in there and another of  chickens, soooo Francesca and possibly L will be getting Easter Bunny and Chicken socks. I may even attempt to plan out some multi coloured eggs for another pair.
All part of shopping from the stash, 4.5$ US will be saved and I will have the pleasure of using my gift from Francesca.

I plan on getting used to the new camera and putting out a photo heavy post or 2 this week.

BTW I spotted James Martin baking Camembert on Saturday, I picked up 3 in Asda and we will be having them for dinner tonight. Ours will be wrapped in bacon, W will have his wrapped in Vegetarian ham (there was no bacon). It will be a very sinful meal but allowances can be built in during the week, W has been made aware and can adjust accordingly.

I am going to jump on a bandwagon for a moment. I watched the Not quite enough yarn podcast and Lesley raised the subject of exclusion in the crafty community.

I am not going to paraphrase her but just say a few things for myself.

I do not care what colour your skin is.
I do not care what god/s or other deity that you worship or believe in.
I do not care what your sexual preferences are. Within the law of course.
I do not care if you are super skinny/plump/fat or obese (I hope that you are not suffering from the first or the latter for your health,s sake).
I do not care about obvious disabilities, they are all part of the whole person. My heart goes out to those with hidden issues, it is an unforgiving world, in the main, out there.
All are welcome here, well any who can cope with my ramblings and the odd soap box post. I hope that I have no deeply buried prejudices, I am sure they would have battled their way to the surface by now.
I try not to judge by appearance, note the word TRY. I am keeping it real here and sometimes it is difficult to keep an open mind.
Street beggars wearing posh watches with manicured nails?  'nuff said.

That's all I have to say. Feel free to comment, I do not have to publish and any abuse will go straight to trash.

                      TTFN                                            Pam   


  1. Well done on resisting temptation. And also on your 'all inclusive' stand....with which I totally agree. It's such a shame that things like that even still need to be said in this day and age. We are all fellow humans who inhabit the same planet. And that's it.

  2. I'm going the wrong way with yarn, another order in, I did not buy enough yarn for Will's jumper, plus I got 2 balls of Debbie Bliss, Rialto sock yarn, in shades of blue, I am going to use it for my 1st scarf on the loom, so I ordered 2 more balls (they are reduced from 9.99 to 5.99 each), if I have any left over I can make hubby a matching pair of socks. I totally agree with your inclusive statement, it says everything.

  3. It is far too easy to order yarn online. I chanced upon advert yesterday and nearly spent just over £30 for some charity knitting, without even waiting to check what supplies I have, or actually what time I will have to knit it up. It will be lovely to see photos on your blog again Pam.

  4. The baked camembert sounds delicious. Will we be treated to lots of photos know.

  5. We've just had a disabled gentleman join our knitting group and he tell us its the most welcome he has ever felt amongst group of ladies. He learnt to knit to relax and come to terms with his illness. He's a great knitter and hopefully we can encourage him to blog as well.

  6. Your yarn stash must keep you busy. Glad you found a camera that you like. I basically just use my phone. We are going on a cruise to Alaska this fall and my daughter keeps telling me I need a small digital rather than the phone. I'm thinking about it.
    We just purchased a hybrid Kia Niro and the mileage is phenomenal. After a quarter tank gone, we still have 388 miles before a fill up. Husband wanted an all electric one but it would not be cost effective to put in a charger since we don't own.

  7. I have a super all singing camera that I rarely use because it is too heavy for us to carry and have reverted back to my point and shoot digital. I am drooling over the image in my head of bunny socks.


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