Sunday 6 January 2019

Scribbles on Sunday

I see on the news that farmers in some areas are up in arms about the "new" trend of veganism. Particularly in regard to advertisements. 
How strange, given the hoorah over the last few years about farmers having their crops of vegetables rejected for being too small/big/ugly, you would think that they ought to be supporting anyone who wants to eat more veg.
It takes a great deal more space, time and money to raise meat than veg. 

There is a campaign running for this month encouraging us all to give up tobacco/alcohol/sugar/dairy and meat.
Mixed messages or what.

I have seen a few people on various programs waffling on about the plight of "boat people", for want of a better name, whether they should stop at France/Spain etc as the first country they arrive at. Some questions as to why they then push on to the UK. DUH!
Not one of these peeps offered to take anyone in to their homes.
Not one person, interviewee or interviewer, even hinted that it could be that we are regarded as a soft touch. The word benefits was also strangely absent.

I saw overflowing food waste bins put out for the last 2 collections, these were sitting cheek by jowl with overflowing cardboard bags spewing out chocolate/fast food/ready meal wrappers and the street has been decorated with empty sweet tubs being bowled along by the wind.

I heard someone say, "we didn't touch the fruit, who wants an apple when they can have a Quality Street".

I do not judge but there are much better chocolates out there, Quality Street have been altered beyond recognition.

Better still to buy a selection of bars and pay no "Christmas Premium".

We have quite a bit of sweet stuff in the house, I am so over it, Francesca bought us a selection of posh bars from Fortnum,s and we will enjoy them over a couple of months or so. I did add some very dark chocolate to my beany chilli, very smooth it was as well.

I made it to Llandeilo yesterday, a catch up with Chrissie in the wool shop and with Sue in the fabric shop.

B T W there is a 30% off all fabric on the bolt for a short while in the fabric shop. I did buy some wadding and some solids for a scrappy quilt that is burning a hole in my brain.
I saw Darlene Michaud making a scrappy quilt using 100 different print and size scraps, made up with strips of solid to her finished block size. It was stunning and i see one in my very near future.
Of course once I unpacked it all I remembered that I needed 2 lots of wadding. Oh Dear, I will have to go back. Never Mind I will persevere.

The sewing room is just about to rights now and I am rearing to get in there and start.

Today I want to sort out a couple of knitting WIPs and get them lined up ready to go. I have to have a scan through the patterns to find where I am and then I will get cracking.

Many thanks to you all for your comments on coffee machines and so on. I generally have one cup at some point in the morning, the SO has one cup of tea and then it is coffee all day. I do not think that fresh coffee, in that volume, would be good for him, instant is the lesser of two evils, I think that we will stick with the French Press and just look for a different instant brand.

That,s all for now. dog walking time is almost upon me.

                               TTFN                              Pam


  1. Love this post agree with you.

  2. We generally have so many sweet treats made and bought for us over the festive period that I don't bother buying any extras. Best wishes for the New Year.

    1. I do try to keep it low but Francesca does go overboard.

  3. I was in the supermarket the other day and noticed a new product; coffee bags. Ground coffee in tea bags. My husband drinks a lot of coffee and makes it in a cafeti√®re so I didn’t look at the price and I cannot remember the brand. Possibly it was Taylors of Harrogate. It might suit your husband although I dare say it will be expensive.
    I am getting a bit fed up of all the articles and “experts” pushing veganism. Poor William Sitwell lost his job after an ill judged remark, meant to be tongue in cheek, about vegans. Total Twitter storm and Waitrose caved in and sacked him. Still if people want to eat such a restricted diet it is entirely up to them although it seems quite joyless to me. I like an occasional meal meat free but cannot see me becoming vegetarian anytime soon. Chacun a son gout.
    I’m off to Cheltenham this morning to get a zip and some bias binding for a costume I am making for my granddaughter. She is in a play and needs a medieval dress so I am repurposing a fancy dress costume I made myself about 20 years ago. That should keep my busy for the next day or two. Enjoy your day.

    1. I don't drink coffee, but keep the coffee bags for visiting guests..I guess they're ok..I wouldn't know and everyone is too polite to complain!

    2. I have used coffee bags in the past but was not too impressed, they may well be much better now. I like Vegan food, I like Vegetarian food, I just like food and cooking. What I don't care for is all the hoohah and fuss about it all.

  4. I collected the leftover Christmas snacks ( two bags of pretzels and two boxes of home made mint bark plus a dozen of my home grown chicken eggs) and gave them to a friend who is an immigrant from Honduras and works at a barn where I keep one of my horses. It would be nice if people would give the food away rather than toss it..same way I see perfectly useable things in the trash ( or tip) that should be DONATED.....
    Can't wait to see your next quilts and knitting projects!

    1. I will use very bit of food, including all the chocolate as i cook. I like to experiment and was raised to waste nothing.

  5. I agree with so much of what you have said, this country is so frustrating in so many ways. The news is no longer something to watch and quietly discuss, it's something to rant about!!!

    1. I remember that we never had meat every day, in fact we ate many Vegan meals in my childhood long before it became a "thing". I look at how things have changed and am amazed, sometimes I feel that I am a bit of a relic.

  6. I've got a box of Thorntons that is still sealed and will come out after a while. I'm a bit chocolated out too. Now Christmas cake .... I could eat that for breakfast, dinner and tea LOL


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