Tuesday 29 January 2019

Snow on the Mountains.

But none in the Valley, yet, thank goodness. There is quite a bit showing on the Black Mountain but only a light dusting on the Morriston Mountain.

I expect that the supermarket shelves will be denuded of milk, bread and fresh veg. As it is only Tuesday I equally expect the food waste bins to be full on Friday.

Apart from milk, which is not essential in this house, I do not need to shop for anything, and I will not be rushing out to buy milk. 

I spent a couple of hours today sorting through another scrap bag, that just leaves 2 to go. There is however a few piles of ironing to be done. I sort the scraps into squares and rectangles and then sort those into sizes. I store them, once ironed, like with like regardless of colour, this makes  piecing so much easier for me. If I trim as I sew all the trimmings get put together and then size sorted every now and then. I would hate to have to tackle a whole quilts worth in one go. 

I did give into temptation and sew some bits together, I found some candy squares in patterned and white on white fabrics. Those were just asking to be paired up, after pressing I then added a strip to one side of each. I called it a day then but I have the start of another scrappy quilt top, a smaller one this time. Consisting of 9 blocks, possibly with sashing, it will be either a lap quilt for the sofa or a single bed size.

It was naughty as I need to clean the machine and put a new needle in ready to start some quilting. Mind you if we do get the snow I will have plenty of time to sew myself silly.

Oops, the timer has just told me that dinner is ready, just some spice coated chicken breast fillets, jacket potato and salad tonight.

                                  TTFN                                  Pam


  1. It's snowing here too now but I doubt it will last long.

  2. Here we are in a deep freeze. Temperatures feel like -45 C so staying in and keeping busy is not a problem. Did some hand quilting today, and hope to be finished the first row of 5 blocks tomorrow.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be a slight bit warmer when I have to go out later this week.

    God bless.

  3. No snow here, just heavy frost, we won't be panic buying anything, we can do without milk, and make our own bread. I enjoying knitting time.

  4. Deep freeze here in the US, too... I have to make sure the chickens , sheep and horses are well bedded and warm.. more blankets for them. Even colder tomorrow... will be inside sewing, knitting, and working on hooked rugs!

  5. The snow disappeared as quickly as it came here but in its wake ice is making the driving conditions difficult. I have a substantial Winter store cupboard so we are comfortable thankfully.


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