Saturday 13 April 2019

Always look on the bright side of life,

I am trying to do just that.
Yesterday I received some potentially devastating news and will have to try not to hold my breath for a few weeks. Hopefully it will not be too long before it is clear, one way or the other.
It is always the unknown that is scary. 
Once you know the full story you can take steps to deal with it.
I will not dwell upon it or inflict it upon all of you.
What will be will be, no matter what.

Enough, cease this fooshionless (love that word, read it in a book years ago) drivel.

The socks for me are finished and another pair are on the needles. The waistcoat just needs buttons, I will take pics once they are sorted.
I am practicing my treadling, it is not as easy as it looks to maintain a steady rhythm. Not as easy as a treadle sewing machine.
Every now and then I lose it and the wheel spins counter clockwise.
I am looking forward to spinning group on Tuesday, I do not think that I will take the wheel as arrangements were made for one of the group to bring a wheel for me to try. It would be a bit of a slap in the face if I rocked up with a wheel. Plus I would like to try a different model.

I have neglected my drop spindle but will be picking that up later today, I want to spin some cream to ply with the last lot of grey.
Then it will be rinse and repeat, probably more than once, as the SO has expressed interest in a hat.
Once I have a couple of skeins I will do a wraps per inch and work out the yardage for a simple beanie.

I figure that it will be a while before I can spin consistently fine enough for socks.
I am in no hurry.

Tosh, of course I am in a hurry. I want to spin like a whirling dervish but understand that skills take time to learn. I also understand that I may never spin that fine. It matters not.
All that matters is that I have fun learning and that the fun continues. 
It will not become a slog to be endured, if it hurts I will not do it.

Just like the chappie who went to the Doctor and said
 "When I put my arm behind my back and stretch, it hurts"
The Doctor replied
"Well don't do it"

That was a poor rendition but you get my drift.

I am a bit early today, on our first walk we met a new dog. Both Ben and Herbie were pleased and have been invited for a "play date". Ben is too old for all that, the new dog is 8 months old, but Herbie is spot on for some mad chasing and a bit of rough and tumble. I will be back much later than usual so thought I would pop on and blog now.

No shopping this weekend, if I need anything it will not be before Tuesday and I can pick it up on my way home.
Francesca arrives on Thursday so for a few days my presence here may be hit and miss. The forecast is looking good so there may be some days out and, just like me, she likes an early start.

Anyhow, I just have to whizz the vacuum round and then be off with the Herbie.

                     TTFN                                         Pam


  1. I would so love to learn to spin on a wheel you lucky thing.

  2. I am itching to see you succeed, and wear a pair of your own socks, made totally by you. I must thread my loom and do some more weaving.

  3. Is this to do with the phone call you were waiting for yesterday from the GP? Sorry, I'm assuming things, you don't have to answer. You don't 'inflict' things on us, Pam - you share whatever you like - or not, as the case may be. You know we'll all support you. I've had some wonderful support from my bloggy friends - we all follow each other's blogs and support each other, and we will do the same for you. You never have to be alone. xx

  4. Sending prayers. I am sure you will find the strength and grace to face what is ahead.

  5. ­čĄ×wishing you lots of luck and if looking on the bright side is the answer then you will certainly be a winner. You have such an optimistic and kind nature and I will be crossing fingers and toes for you dear Pam. jenny larking

  6. I enjoyed your writings! Hope all is well and that you're coping with life as it comes. You live in a lovely part of the world. My husband has heritage in Wales (also England and Scotland.) I hope to convince him to travel that way someday!

  7. I hope you guys are doing okay pam, I feel bad that we haven't been in touch lately, but the days just seem to fill up and roll on. I would love to pop by next week and drop off an Easter card if your are about? If not perhaps we can get together soon when suits you xxx

  8. I hope the health issue resolves with a good outcome.
    Good to hear you are enjoying the spinning, an Alpaca breeder told me the mothers fleece gets coarser with every calf, so baby Alpaca is softest before they have had any calves .

  9. Just to say I'm very sorry that you have had such potentially bad news and I hope it all works out OK for you in time. xxx

  10. {{{Pam}}} Sorry to hear you are expecting bad news, fingers and toes, paws and claws crossed it won't be bad.

    Have fun with the spinning group!

  11. Good luck with your health issue. I hope all goes well. x

  12. Oh gosh Pam, your first paragraph sounds so scary - I hope and pray all works out for the best and isn't as dire as you made it sound. My thoughts are with you. I hope that having Francesca staying will help cheer you up/take your mind off things.

  13. I do hope the 'potentially devastating news' is not a result from your dr visit. It will be nice to have Francesca home - enjoy the special time together.

  14. i have an electric spinning 'wheel' - it's not a wheel at all, it's a sort of revolving drum operated by a foot pedal like a sewing machine much, much easier than trying to get a 'wheel' to keep spinning in the right direction ! I gave up years ago.

  15. Sometimes it is so very hard to remember what will be, will be. I do hope whatever is causing you angst resolves itself favourably.

    You go girl, I am sure you will be spinning sock yarn very soon.

    God bless.


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