Sunday 21 April 2019

Chilling, Chatting and......

Chocolate, in moderation of course.

It is lovely spending time with Francesca, we are doing nothing exciting just spending slow time together as a condensed family unit.
We cook, eat, make tea (seemingly continuously) and drink it. We watch a little bit of telly, we dip in and out of books. look at patterns, sewing and knitting, including  patterns from "Gertie Sews Jiffy Dresses".
This was a treat from the SO, I can highly recommend it. Not just for the content but for the fact that it is loose leaf style, no more weighing it open to refer to layout and so on without the pages flipping over the very second that you look away.
I had almost planned on cutting a dress out this morning but instead have a pair of casual trousers cut out for Francesca. I use the Margo pattern from Tilly and the Buttons. It is perfect for casual wear in a 100% cotton, I add side seam pockets and an elasticated waist rather than a cord. I have the pattern traced out in all of our sizes, with a bit of tweaking here and there to perfect the fit.

There is a tray of Hot Cross Buns in the oven and a loaf in the machine, so the air in here is very and gloriously scented. I am sure that I am breathing in calories.

We had a barbecue last night, courtesy of the SO who also made his "special" coleslaw. 

Both dogs are as happy as Larry that Francesca is here, Herbie goes and "knocks" at her bedroom door and if she does not speak he gives a little Woof. Then of course he has a freak out and cuddles on her bed.
Once she is downstairs and on the sofa Ben takes over and demands her attention.

We have indulged in a little chocolate, I made a cake for Good Friday. Chocolate filled and topped with ganache and the dotted with M & M mini eggs and some Smarties mini eggs for good measure.
Yesterday it was Cinnamon Rolls fresh from the oven for breakfast. We will all be watching what we eat very closely for a couple of weeks after this.
Roast Lamb for dinner tonight and Roast pork tomorrow, 2 easy peasy days. 
There will be Millionaires Shortbread at some point today, just a small batch. Not my favourite but Francesca and the SO will make short work of it.

That,s me up to date or just about so. It has been and still is lovely to shelve the issues for a short while and focus on having fun "mothering" Francesca. I can think of few things that bring me as much pleasure and none that bring me more.

I hope that you are all enjoying your Easter weekend as much as we are.

                              TTFN                                 Pam

PS. I have a new "all singing, all dancing" phone so there may be some strange happenings here whilst we try it out.

                             Pam, (Phonetically Challenged) he he.


  1. Enjoy your Easter, sounds perfect to me.

  2. You have a wonderful Easter surrounded by those you love.

    God bless.

  3. Sounds like a perfect Easter.

  4. I indulged in a couple of hot cross buns from the local baker's shop- they were the best hot cross buns I've eaten, and I wish I'd bought more of them!

  5. Sounds like you are having a super time with Francesca. hope you get to grips with the new technology.


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