Tuesday 9 April 2019

Still keeping the routine going.

This is quite an achievement for me, I have not used a routine (apart from cleaning) since I retired. It was a bit jarring this morning to have to stop in the middle of something to sit at the 'puter. 
It was not too bad as I was setting up the ironing board. he he.

My yearning to sew resulted in 2 new lightweight coats for Ben, his are getting shabby so I did some stash diving . I have 2 more cut out and will be putting a layer of wool wadding in them ready for the winter.

We had a grizzley start to the day, the sky was that mix of dark grey with an even darker shade, there had been rain overnight, then suddenly the sky lightened and is now cerulean blue with some wispy cloud for decoration and lots of lovely sunshine.

I am a bit behind with the dog walking, they are both due their second walk. I have delayed it A, because I am going out so wanted it to be nearer the time that I will leave. and B, because I had a parcel delivered, a box full of chocolate. I will share this tomorrow, not literally you understand.

We are having a pie for dinner tonight, from the freezer, I will prepare the veg before I leave. That will give us a lazy dinner as I will not be home much before 5.30.

Nothing much else has happened, my latest cast on socks have had the spare yarn in for the heels placement and I will do that once I have about 3" of leg done. That is my usual method, it just means that when I cast off the cuffs and weave in those ends they are done. No less knitting it just seems to suit me.

I need to get a wriggle on, a few little things to do before I leave.

                   TTFN                                            Pam

PS. If any of you spin then perhaps you would tell me which wheel you use and why. ( Daisy Debs, that is a hint) Not being nosy just looking for information. If you do not want the comment published just say so and I will keep it private.


  1. Looks like the sun has given up here for the day and I expect we will have some rain by the look of the clouds.

  2. Hope you had a good afternoon and got the advice you needed.

  3. I have a Louet wheel, double treadle. Good for a beginner

  4. Hope you find the right wheel for you.

    God bless.


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