Thursday 18 April 2019

I am That Bird.

You know the one, it flies madly round and round in ever decreasing circles till it vanishes up it,s own bottom.

It has been a whirlwind here for the past few days, I have scarcely sat down  except to eat and pee.
Ooops, that is a lie. I squeezed in a visit to the spinning group and had a lesson from one of the members. He brought a wheel in for me to use and next week I will be taking my wheel in for him to service.
I have managed to spend a few minutes at the start of the day with my drop spindle, it is a bit like Yoga for me. I feel calm and collected and fit to start the day after 10 minutes or so.

Things should start to calm down now, I have today at home to relax (?) fat chance. I will be whizzing round the house playing catch up. The dust is about to start a landslide and there are cobwebs on the vacuum cleaner.

The there is the greenhouse, I have Triffids in there that I thought were squash plants and the first sowing of spring onions look like baby pampas grass. 

Francesca arrives this afternoon, she had hoped to stay for 10 days but a work commitment will see her leave on Tuesday.
We had planned to go to Wonder Wool together, it is unlikely that I will go by myself. The driving along with all the walking would play my sciatica up. I know some of the triggers and that combination is right at the top of the list. I can walk all day or drive but not both.

Thank goodness for my freezer full of home cooked ready meals, I have been taking something out in the evening to reheat the following night. It was almost 7.30 before we ate last night and if I had to cook from scratch it would have been much later.

I will be back and forth here for a little while longer, around 2 weeks I think, and then things will have erupted or not. Which ever way I will still be here, I miss this cathartic process on the days that I do not visit.
Allowing my mind to wander at will is amazingly restful, for me at least, how you all deal with it baffles me at times.

I am reading your comments and I thank you for each and every one of them. Right now I do not have the time,or the words to respond.
My health is fine, I still have not had my review. I had a date but they rang and moved it back a week.
The issue is not mine but a family thing.

Sorry that my post was a but traumatic but I was reeling from too little sleep and too much excitement about the spinning.

Oh, on the subject of reeling I had a comment from Anonymous complaining about my spelling.
"Let me tell that mawther that I kin spell along a the best of em, iffen I so want"
" Git orff and hev yor own life, this un is mine"

I will not block anonymous comments but trash goes in the trash can. Also any comment in a language that I cannot read goes with it, I will not publish anything that could well be disgusting or inflammatory.

                      TTFN                                          Pam


  1. The oozlum bird lives here too! I think spring is the main hatching season.

    1. OMG my Dad was British and I haven't heard that expression since I was a child, his saying was a cockoozlum bird 😆

  2. Thanks for making me laugh out loud,with your comment...the dust is about to start a landslide and there are cobwebs on the vacuum cleaner!.Im glad that someone else lives like me!!,xx

  3. Whatever the issue, it is worrying you, so, best wishes and I hope it turns out a lot lighter than anticipated.
    Have a Happy Easter with your nearest and dearest!

  4. Glad you learn't your ABC's at skool and like me can speel good! I can't wait to see your spinning wheel on the go.

  5. Hi Pam

    If the criteria for having a blog is that you can spell and your grammar is always in the right place then I'm buggered and should close my little blog down immediately. As long as what the blogger is writing is of interest it shouldn't matter if the odd bit and piece is misspelled I'm sure we all have a quick read through but to err is to be human as they say and I know I read back over my own previous posts and spot mistakes. Pay no attention to Anonymous they can just bugger off.


  6. Great to know that you are OK and I hope the worrying thing turns out better than you may be expecting it to.

  7. So glad it isn't a cataastrophic health matter (I was worried about you), but even so it sounds a real worry for you and yours so I hope that it all gets sorted with minimum problems.

    I have been attacking cobwebs in the Master Suite (how grand!!) today and blocked the vacuum extension at one point!

  8. I'm glad you are ok. Yes, the spinning IS soothing. I just need to find the time to get to it!!

  9. Just wish those that complain about spelling would take a good look at their own.

    Picture of your spinning wheel once it is serviced please.

    God bless.

  10. Pam, you are so funny...and so right! I love your posts and how you write and spell and how you word things. Don't change a thing. I've never seen a misspelled word in your posts., but I never read back over something I've posted without finding a mistake, and that's after publishing the post. Bet my dust is thicker than yours. :)

  11. I always luk in the dikshonary to get my werds rite.


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