Saturday 6 April 2019

Frogday, thank goodness it is over.

Yep I spent time yesterday doing the Ribbit thing. That oinking (pigging pink) WIP, words fail me. I must have been having a bad blonde hair day or three when I knitted the sleeves. I finished them and after giving them a good looking over decided that something was a bit dodgy.

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I fetched my clover quilting clips and tried to put them in.
Not happening. 
Not fitting.

I looked for my knitting notes. Nowhere to be found!
I looked for the notes on the first one. Nowhere to be found.
I sulked.
I had a cuppa.
I sulked some more.
Then I ripped out both sleeves.
There that will learn you, something often said by parents when they chastise a child. Well I heard it a few times.

I have decided that it will become the waistcoat that it is in the pattern. 
The unraveled yarn will become Something Else. A shawl perhaps.

Then in the middle of a bit more sulking the SO asked if I could shorten the waistcoat that I knitted, TO HIS SPECIFIED LENGTH. last year (or the year before) in GREY. Oh I should add that this was knitted in pieces bottom up, has pockets and a cable pattern.

I breathed in slowly, counted to 10 slowly and said. " I will look at it tomorrow!"
Now it is that tomorrow, but sad to say I have a list of jobs a mile long.....I will get around to it later on.
It may require a strong pot of my English Breakfast tea from the hamper.
It may require something delicious to eat with said tea. 
Bribery may figure strongly in this operation.

'nuff said.

I am part way through the list and feeling on top of the world after a few iffy days.
My energy levels plummeted, along with the temperature, but a bright sunny start to the day has kicked that into touch.
Washing is basking in the sun and some more is nearly ready to join it.
The dogs had a lovely stroll for their walk this morning, and we took care to walk on the sunny side of the street (anyone feel a song coming on?) well Ben made up our minds and towed us over into the sunshine.

I am off to get through the rest of my list before I go and search for that waistcoat, smile you never know who is watching. 

                           TTFN                                 Pam


  1. You would think that the SO has been around you long enough to know how much work would be involved in that alteration, not to ask, or to wait until you were having a better day! Anyway, hopefully, today will be a better day. Jenny Larking

  2. I have taken to frogging lots of things back. Case in hand the cardigan I started awhile back. Now just to figure out what to make.

    Glad you have sunshine and energy today.

    God bless.

  3. I feel your pain.

    18 rows away from finishing the second part of the Glasgow Rose stole. Dropped a stitch, couldn't find it and had to pull back to the lifeline.

    I'm going back to the battle in a couple of hours.

  4. WIshing you warm sunshine and easy shortening!

  5. What a shame after all your hard work. Glad the sun is shining, always makes you feel better. I am just unstitching a bag, I stitched it wrong sides together. Not sure it is worth all the effort.

  6. Sorry about the frogging, it hurts, I know!

    Apropos the waistcoat, could you sew in a lifeline and then take the sissors to shorten it, pick up the stitches along the lifeline and then finish it knitting 'top down' with the unravelled yarn of the cut off bit?


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