Wednesday 10 April 2019

By the skin of my teeth.

Pheww!, there was a technical hitch today. I turned the 'puter on and nothing....there was power....the on light was glowing....the screen was blank, Blanketty Blank!!!

The SO removed the battery, popped it back and BINGO, we have a working Lappy again.

The spinning group went well, I did not touch a wheel but learned so much from watching and talking. I came home and picked up my drop spindle and it was so much smoother. I was advised to get some Jacob,s Sheep fibre as it is ideal for a learner, some is on it,s way.

I have been on Ebay this morning and there is a wheel close to me, woo hoo, I have sent the vendor a message asking whether I can go and see the wheel. keep your fingers crossed for me.

There is another too far for me to drive so I have asked if the vendor will courier it to me if I cover all costs, including packaging.

I know that Francesca will happily buy a new wheel but they are very pricey, and I will want a drum carder and possibly extra bobbins. There is the opportunity to buy raw fleeces and then process them ready to spin. That really appeals to me, as I am sure that I have said before.

My chocolate parcel, Oh My.

It is all because of the Brexit panic. The company was on the morning TV program and I looked it up. Of course I ordered a box to try, I got 50% off the price.

Francesca will be here a week tomorrow so we will not touch it till then. I can predict that the Marc de Champagne truffles will be hers, along with the All you need Prosecco flavoured ones.

I knitted a little more on my socks but concentrated my time in the sewing room. The very last bag of gifted fabric has been sorted through, everything pressed and all put away, like with like.
I am quite impressed with myself. I have a list of chores/tasks/jobs however you like to call them and am working through it. I would like to see it all marked off by end of play tomorrow. I want to get the socks off the needles and another pair cast on, the stitches need picking up for the waistcoat arm cuffs. Both of these can be done over 2 evenings but the job list is demanding my attention first. Not to talk about the Lure of the Spindle, sounds like the title of a good book.

My time here is up, I hope that you all have the sunshine that we have been blessed with, yesterday turned to grizzle by early afternoon, poured down while the SO walked the dogs and then dried out by early evening.

                      TTFN                                      Pam


  1. Isn't it awful when your heart sinks so low when the computer stops working. I've had that a few times. What did we do before. lol
    I like the look of those boxes of chocolates.

  2. I've done that thing with removing the battery several times. I feel so proud when I can make it work without having to get the techie chappie!

  3. Romney fleece is lovely to process, dye and's not as coarse as the Jacob, which
    was a fad here for awhile years ago....

  4. I have spent more on accessories than I paid for my loom, all items will be used, but hidden cost soon mount up. I am watching your progress, with everything crossed I don't like the hobby But it does appeal to me.

  5. DH is quite partial to Beeches choccie. He likes the rose and violet creams.

  6. Fingers crossed you get your wheel.
    Sunny here but still so cold.

  7. I was sorely tempted to go and order some of those chocolates Pam. They look lovely. Are you planning on spinning all your own wool for knitting or is it going to be a hobby?


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