Thursday 11 April 2019

Nearly missed it.

It has been all go and at top speed here today. I have visitors about to descend upon me, The SO had to start early today as he wants to finish the current work in progress by 4:00, in case there is another frost tonight.
The I am off to try out the wheel before I part with any money.

I had to get through my list as  there is fat chance of doing it tomorrow. Obviously I hope to be treadling away, trying to make yarn out of fluff.

I had the bread maker on at stupid o'clock, both dogs decided that they were ready to  kick start the day before even a glimmer of dawn had slipped over the mountain.

I am not too upset as it gave me a head start, I was about to do this when they both insisted upon a walk and then \I had to do a little shopping.
I should have left it as I only managed Tesco, on my way to Home Bargains and Farm Foods there was a road block and all traffic was diverted. I presume that it was an accident on the roundabout to the little retail park.

Not to worry, I will configure meals around what I have, so no potatoes till I can be bothered to go out shopping again.
I usually buy a bag from Farm Foods that lasts us almost 3 weeks, they are very well priced and really good quality.

I almost didn't make it to blog, but all,s well that ends well.

Next on the agenda is a cuppa and see if the washing is dry enough to get in, quite a bit of it will need ironing so doesn't want to be bone dry.

Then my visitors will hopefully have come and gone by 2:00 and I can get off to try the wheel out. I have predrafted some fibre to save time and just need to find something to wrap the wheel into transport it home.

Now , Where,s that kettle....

                  TTFN                                                       Pam


  1. Tired me out thinking about you up and about at the crack of dawn ... hope you got to play with the wheel

  2. My sheep are being shorn today! If I was in the U.K. I'd give you two bags of Cheviot fleece!

  3. Wow, you're going to need an early night!

  4. You are busy. Enjoy your company.

    God bless.

  5. Great excitement in your house, I can tell! I hope you get on with the wheel and it comes home with you.


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