Thursday 4 April 2019

Is it a dead mouse? (a BOGOF)

I just found this, I wrote it last night using the past tense to publish today, I had completely forgotten it. I blame the snow and and dealing with an over excited Herbie. I will still publish it so you have a BOGOF. Enjoy.

The shock made me squeal and I almost had an accident, it was a close run thing I can tell you.
It all started because of the weather, what was bright sunshine fast became grey, rain and hail.

So I hauled all the washing up to the tumbler, it lives in the bathroom as there is plenty of room for it, threw a load in and set it going. Red Light and clean Condenser flashed at me. so I duly removed it and had a look. Nothing. Just as well as I only cleaned it on Monday.
I knelt down in front of the opening and put my hand inside EUGHW, I jumped back right sharpish thinking that I had poked a dead mouse. A soggy one at that.

Then reality switched on, so after donning a rubber glove I had another go. 

Not a mouse.

Half a Herbie more like.

It was a large matted clump of dog hair. I usually shake all the sofa covers out side before putting them into the wash. Obviously I had missed a time or 5. Herbie sheds hair and the recent hot spell must have made it worse. It was very not nice at all, but lesson learnt, I will be vacuuming the sofa covers every day now, not just as and when.

Funnily enough I do not have anything like that with the washing machine.

Apart from that yesterday was just another wet day, I did some housework.
Oh Boy, I nearly forgot to tell you.
Ben woke me at stupid o'clock and once awake I find it almost impossible to get back to sleep.

Sooo before 6 this morning the living room had been polished and tidied within an inch of its life. All I had left to do was push the vacuum cleaner round. The kitchen and bathroom got their daily do and I was all done by 10. lovely.

                          TTFN                                   Pam


  1. I took a very large handful of horse hair from my dryer screen after drying my fleece jacket that were covered with horse hair from my shedding horses!!

    1. It all goes with having animals, luckily Herbie is a cross so does not have the full Pug double coat.

  2. Thankfully Mickey (a standard poodle) doesn't malt. For a moment I thought you were going to say you found a dead mouse in there, lol!

    1. The dead mouse would not have bothered me, it is the thought of all the bacteria that it would have spread. My Ben sheds a little but as he has got older the amount has dropped significantly.

  3. Anything dried after Smudge had used it was just the same as he was a prolific shedder too.

    I am dipping in and out of Property Brothers and some of the people on there make me want to scream....mardy doesn't even cover it. The woman on one I watched today was just vile.

    1. i have not seen that, property shows are not my thing at all. I did watch a couple but gave up after 10 minutes or so.


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