Wednesday 24 April 2019

Phishing for my money

I just had a phone call from a woman who declared herself to be a Sky employee. The number was 01273030695.
It was a scam and when I told her soshe became quite agitated and very shouty.
These people scuzzbuckets prey on the busy and distracted, the elderly and confused. 
I recommend keeping a loud, shrill whistle by the phone. It seems to work.  

 Be vigilant, if it seems to good to be true, then it is likely to be a big fat LIE.



  1. I had one recently who claimed to be from Inland Revenue and wanted me to ring them as a fraud was under my name. Needless to say I hung up and did not ring the number.

  2. Something that was going around social media was to whisper loudly into the phone "I've done it but there's blood everywhere". Since thinking that would be a lot of fun to do I haven't received a scam call - Sod's Law!

  3. They make me so cross, such wasted time answering the phone and especially now they seem to be able to bypass the call monitoring devices.

  4. We've gotten calls on our cell phones (no landlines here) from south asian voices claiming to be the Internal Revenue Service, threatening to send the police to arrest us, unless we go to Best Buy and buy thousands of dollars of gift cards. Now why would the IRS want gift cards? Scammers.
    There was another one going around that almost caught my mom. Something about my son being arrested in San Francisco and he needed to be bailed out. She called me and I said he's sitting right here in front of me and I had to prove it to her by putting him on the phone. After it was over, I asked her why she believed the guy? Our son wouldn't go to San Francisco on a weekday (it's 384 miles north) and again why would they want gift cards? I told her to let the calls go to voice mail and ignore them.
    I wish them nits in their underwear and lego pieces on their floor at night.

  5. Love the idea of a whistle.

    God bless.

  6. 01273 is an East Sussex, Brighton & District area, phone number...
    Since we purchased a BT Advanced Call Blocker phone we hadn't had any scammy phone calls at all. The only drawback is that if a caller's no. is not on the 'friends' list they have to announce themselves and I have to accept the call, a small price to pay though!

  7. These people are really annoying. I got a man with poor English a couple of weeks ago wanting to fix our computer. It suddenly seemed so silly I started to laugh, he got so angry he actually shouted the f*** word at me and hung up. First time I ever felt like I won.

  8. It is something that I worry about. Not so much for myself but from my elderly mother who is also very hard of hearing so can easily misunderstand what she is being asked.

  9. Thanks for the heads up ! :(


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