Wednesday 24 April 2019

Still hanging on.

Francesca has gone back to Kent and the house seems empty, even the dogs are moping around. 
I had another good session at spinning group yesterday, my wheel was rated as a bargain buy (woop woop) and needs very little done to it. There is one bit that needs replacing and the flyer needs new hooks, my lovely "man who can" T from the group has taken the flyer home to get that done. 
It is a Flax Wheel and has done very little work and Iam looking forward to getting to play with it.
I am loving using the Ashford Traveler that T is bringing for me to use, I may have to have a word with the Tooth Fairy and her sister the Birthday Fairy, and see if they can team up with Santa for an extra special gift later in the year.
I have the phone but we scarcely looked at it, the days just flew by and suddenly it was time for Fran to go back. She will be here at the end of May so we will figure it out then. I will have a play before that but am unlikely to achieve much by myself.
It is catch up time for me now, I have done the bare minimum in the house and fell the need to clean and tidy. I did keep up with the laundry but there still looks like a couple of loads will need to be done today, weather permitting. We have a chance of rain this afternoon, I hope it does as it will save lots of watering.

That,s all for now, I have 2 dogs telling me that it must be Lunch time at least and they have not had breakfast yet.

                          TTFN                                  Pam


  1. How wonderful that you have someone in your group that can fix your wheel and loan you one to use in the meantime.

    I do hope all the fairy's can join together and get you the wheel you would like.

    God bless.

  2. Great news about the wheel being so good.


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