Sunday 12 May 2019

Another glorious day.

I had a few plans for today, nothing too strenuous, just a little sewing with the chance of some knitting.
As the saying goes "If you want to make the Gods laugh, tell them your plans"
I have been busy but done absolutely nothing planned.

Our coffee table has been a bit of a thorn in the side for ages, it is lovely but just a bit too big and just a bit too low for the room and Herbies nose.
I spotted a You Tube video on converting an Ikea storage unit into a coffee table on wheels Mmmmmm, almost right but,
A, Too expensive and another piece of furniture.
B, I have never been to Ikea, and that's the way I like it.

Soooo, we had a look round and Bingo!. In the sewing room (almost hidden by vast swathes of fabric) was the TV unit, made redundant when the telly went on the wall.

A bit of a shuffle round and they were swapped over. I hasten to add that the coffee table is visible all fabric has been tamed and tidied.
The TV unit has been emptied, who knew there was so much junk bits of treasure tucked away. It has been disposed of.
A quick trip to Ammanford and furniture glides were purchased from Wilko, along with some other bits and pieces. I keep a running list so that if I need to go I can make it worth while.

The unit now has lots of storage for my current knitting WIP,s, books, tablet, phone and the top just has coasters and tissues on it.
A big Brucie Bonus is that Herbies nose is lower than the top and so is Ben,s tail, there have been times when the wagging tail has caused havoc and the nose has been poked into things that it should not have.

The grass has been cut, weeding has happened along with a seemingly never ending stream of washing. All now dry and either put away or into the ironing basket.

There has been some rearrangement in the sewing room, still needs refining but that will be another day.

I see that the cwtch I sent off to Somerset has landed and seems to have had the right result. I bit of cheer in the middle of a long run of general greyness.

I am hoping that the pink quilt will have much the same effect. 

I am now about to make those Gods laugh.

I have a good life and want for little, I have my health issues but by and large am fit as a fiddle. It is good to pass some of that forward, I know that when I receive something unexpected as a gift it really makes me feel good, it is not about What you are sent, it is about the fact that someone thought of you.
What goes around comes around, was a saying often on my Grannies lips, she was a firm believer in paying it forward. She wasn't often wrong.

 Now I am off to sort out some dinner....Oh that pizza crust was very good, I just made too much. Next time I will use 1 cup of yogurt and 1 1/2 SR flour and I will use a little semolina to roll it out.

Tonight we are having omelette, salad and sweet potato chips, they are about to go into the oven.

                        TTFN                                          Pam


  1. I love the word "cwtch"! Welsh absolutely fascinates me.

    1. I know, all those consonants and so few vowels, it is a pretty language as well as a melodic one.

  2. I love that word cwtch, it's so warm sounding! Thank you for thinking of us, it really made our day xx

    1. It really sounds s step up from a hug, or even a cuddle. I am glad that it gave you a spot of brightness.

  3. Always good to swap the furniture around, we often do it.

    1. I hate buying something when I can repurpose something that I have in the house.


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