Wednesday 15 May 2019

Sewing and gardening.

Not a cloud in my sky, or the real one up above.
Yesterday was just peachy, I sewed, pressed and rinse and repeat for most of the morning. Considering my early start it was a loooong morning and I loved every minute of it. During that time I walked the dogs, did a load of washing and pegged it out, prepped a pasta sauce and got it into the slow cooker and made a few cuppa,s. 
After a quick lunch break I spent some time whizzing round the house, all those threads a slivers of fabric tend to spread about a bit. The bathroom and kitchen had their daily doings and the little bit of ironing off the line was slotted in with some extra fabric pressing.

Once I had the rows of the pink quilt together and pressed I left that to one side and concentrated on the charm squares. I estimate that I will need well over 100 4 patch blocks for the size quilt that I want to make. I have 50 so far and a whole heap of pairs waiting to be pressed and sewn together for my blocks.

I did manage to spend an hour in the garden and will be back out there later on today.

I finally sat down at 8:15, after dinner clearing up and walking the dogs. By 9 I was visibly drooping and the SO was almost as bad. A long day in the sun hauling stone and wall building took it out of him.

We threw in the towel and were in bed and asleep before 9:30. 

Today I am getting the pink rows sewn together and will then start to square up the 4 patches. I hope that both will be layered by the weekend and that the pink one will be ready to post off next week.

We had a pasta dinner last night, I chopped as much veg as would fit in the slow cooker, added tomatoes, puree and some stock to make a thick sauce and let it cook for the afternoon. It was delicious, very filling so there are leftovers, and used up some slightly sad veg.
Tonight it will be free range eggs and salad, I have a loaf of seeded wholemeal bread in the machine to go with it.

My next shop will have to include more bread flour and seeds and I need Tahini and nutritional yeast. 

My coffee break is over, both dogs are flat out and snoring and I am off to the sewing room. All my chores are done, apart from pushing the vacuum cleaner around and that will happen between sewing and gardening.

                              TTFN                             Pam


  1. You are a busy girl. It makes me exhausted just reading your

  2. I think the good weather energises us, but it also wears us out too. It's definitely the weather for a salad, Mick won't eat salad so we often have different meals in the summer months as I really enjoy them.

    1. We both like salad and have it most days when it is warm.

  3. Pam is nutrional yeast marmite and do you add it to you bread.carole

  4. Nutritional yeast is flakes of deactivated yeast, often from brewing, it adds lots of flavour and some vitamins to meals. I use it for a creamy cheese taste when I do not want to eat dairy. I have used it for bread rolls but only for the cheesy taste.

  5. I agree when the weather is nice you feel like doing more. I too had a sewing day on Tuesday.

  6. A diabetic friend has been told to make her own wholemeal bread and add seeds to help maintain her levels. She's on the lookout for a suitable breadmaker and asked me about it, never having had one I had no idea.


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