Friday 3 May 2019


That was me, busy bee or blue bummed fly, take your pick.
The morning was spent finishing the quilt off, it has been delivered and hugged and stroked within an inch of it,s life.

These were QAYG blocks, I did not think about adding decorative stitches until I had assembled the top, I will change that for the next one. There will be another very soon, I have lots of strips left and want to use them rather than put them all away.

Once it was delivered I set to and got the house to rights, all those little threads had migrated everywhere, including the bathroom.

Dinner tonight will be pizza so I got all the toppings ready, I precook the veg and drain it dry to help prevent the Soggy Bottom Situation.

Then it was time for a cuppa and a sit down, the sun was shining and I had a light bulb moment.

It was the work of mere seconds to get tea, fibre and wheel onto the patio for some R & R. Just 30 minutes and then it was time for the afternoon dog walk.

I plan on getting some more spinning in tomorrow, I have jumped ahead and changed all the sofa throws and cushion covers. There were plenty of threads spread over them so once they were off and shaken outside it seemed logical to wash them.

The SO has some in, grubby and sweaty and headed straight for the shower. He has been building a retaining wall today, once set it will be filled and planted up.
All this has had me looking at my garden with fresh eyes, it is not big by any stretch of the imagination and I would dearly like to get rid of the grass. I hesitate to call it a lawn, it is sloping and bisected by a path. It would look so much better terraced with slabs and stones. I could get some really lovely big pots in then.

I need to get the pizza dough on the go, otherwise the SO may have to resort to chewing on the coffee table. All that fresh air and work gives him an appetite.

                            TTFN                                     Pam


  1. The quilt looks lovely, Pam. Enjoy your spinning in the garden.

  2. Nice quilt, I like the gentle but cheerful colours

  3. Nice quilt. Love your spinning wheel.

    God bless.

  4. What a beautiful quilt,Pam. And thak you it has given me some ideas for using up all the small strips I found when sorting out my late mother's sewing room last year. Mum was a quilter!

  5. What a pretty quilt that is Pam. Love your spinning wheel and glad you are enjoying it so much - outside even better for sitting in the sun and enjoying yourself.

  6. I love your quilt very pretty.
    When I loved last year I was so happy to see that my garden had lots of pebbles with clumbs of little plants around there was two paths of artificial grass which is lovely.
    I hope you can sort your garden so you can do all your hobbies.
    Hazel c uk

  7. Your quilt is beautiful. Home made quilts are so cozy, I'm not suprised it was hugged and stroked. I've added a photograph of one that I made to my "Self-Compassion" box - to remind me to snuggle up
    in a homemade quilt when I'm going through a particularly bad time and need some self care. It's a lovely way to think of a quilt as a present, not just a quilt but also a help on bad mental health days :)

  8. that is so very pretty! Good job! p.s., I'm back to blogging at my old blogger site,


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