Wednesday 8 May 2019

Not bad, just snotty

I read many blogs and often the writer excuses absence by calling him/herself a bad blogger.
Well I am not bad, ( a bit naughty once upon a time ) but I am decidedly snotty.
Somewhere along the way I have picked up a really runny cold, I leave a trail of tissues in my wake and small mountains if I sit down.
Add that to explosive sneezes that have me ricocheting around and you will understand that touching the 'puter has been very risky. The odd cuppa has been launched across the coffee table and I have almost put my knitting into orbit a few times.
My sneezing has never been remotely "ladylike" but this cold has really made them supercharged. Think of the recoil of a cannon when it is fired.

Now, this may not be entirely down to my cold. My reaction to change is often to bake and cook for the freezer. Following my recent return to normality I took a keen interest in shhh, cleaning.
Not that I live in a tip but I have possibly become borderline OCD about the whole thing.
I have always had certain tasks that I like to do in the mornings, but it has become essential lately, and the list has grown. Then at the end of the day I have always liked to clear the sink and draining board and have a clean floor. Now I am polishing the blasted sink and doing all the worktops as well.

It may be that the dusting and spraying (just my vinegar/water/fairy liquid mix) is irritating my nasal passages and putting my sinuses into stress mode. They have plagued me for most of my adult life.

I need to put some time into calming it all down. Obsessive behavior is a bit scary, I have seen it first hand with a sister in law and a close friend. It can very quickly escalate out of control.

On the upside, I have slotted a session of spinning into every morning and I like to think that I see a small improvement every day. I did not go to group yesterday, I do not want to share this cold thing with anyone.

I am plugging away at reducing the fabric stash, I gave pulled out a heap of charm squares and some strips and am making pillow shams. At least I was till a fit of snotty sneezing drove me away for a while.
I found myself sliver trimming as if my life depended upon it, not necessary as these will be quilted and any minor discrepancies will vanish. Plus they are for the sofa pillows and will mostly be graced and used by the dogs. 

I am knitting socks for the seasonal gift box and have a shawl on the needles for said box as well. There is still a cardigan WIP and my longest living WIP of a jumper. The cardigan is next on the list but goodness knows when I will get to the jumper. The only certain thing is that I will not frog it. I thought about it, I even dragged it into the daylight and gave it a good long look. I decided that 
A, I do not hate it and.
B, I still want to knit it. Just not quite yet.

All the fibre that I am spinning into yarn will not languish in a container, once plied and skeined I will be looking to weave with it.

That brings me nicely to a lovely surprise.

I read the Poppy Patchwork blog, by Marlene. She has been weaving for a little while now and has inspired me to try it as well.
A few posts ago she wrote about a book that she had enjoyed, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I dropped a comment that it sounded good and that I would have to find a copy.
Lo and Behold, it arrived in the post this morning. Such a kind thing to do. Crafty Bloggers are the best of people. This is not the first surprise that Marlene has sent me, or anyone for that matter.
I will be curling up, or spreading out, later to enjoy starting reading it.
Now, as rain stopped him working today,  the SO has just presented me with a cuppa. It would be rude to let it go cold so I am off to enjoy it, I may hunt out a sweet treat to accompany it.

                           TTFN                             Pam


  1. Glad you got the book, enjoy every page, as for your bugs I have the same here, so reading blogs and knitting socks and of course tea.

  2. I am just at the end of a bad cold, but with me it was coughing. I've never had a cold which by-passed the runny nose to go straight for the chest before, but hopefully that is it.

    Eleanor Oliphant is really good and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. My copy is in the charity shop bag as my daughter doesn't want to read it, silly girl!

    Hope your recovery is quick so that you can get back to normal.

  3. I hope you're feeling better soon. Surprises are wonderful, aren't they? Especially when you're feeling under the weather, and Marlene is lovely. Enjoy the book, I nearly gave it a miss when I read a few bad reviews but I enjoyed it immensely, I hope you do too.

  4. I set aside a knitting project as well, now I am working on a few smaller ones.

    Hope the sinus/nose blowing/sneezing gets better very soon.

    God bless.

  5. Hope you feel better soon. How wonderful to receive the book from a fellow blogger, a real blessing.


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