Tuesday 21 May 2019


I should start acting my age.
Which age would that be?
The times when I am 5 years old and am determined to finish that sweet treat, even though my tummy says STOP.
The times when I am around 9 - 12 and can not help sniggering at something, smutty.
The times when I am around 20 - 30 and want to work all day and still have energy to go out.
The times when I feel like 100+ and crawl around in a fug of painkillers.

In a few days I will be 68, what is that supposed to feel like?
I still have loads of energy, I find it almost impossible to sit still most of the time.
I am not ready to sit and watch telly for hours on end, and wear beige. ( ha, I am wearing a beige cardigan, although it is called straw).
I like colour and lots of it.
I do have almost white hair and have no intention of colouring it   at the moment anyway.

I think that I will wait until I grow up to act my age, once I have decided what it is.
The number is just for paperwork and is only accidental after all. 

Changing the subject, I have finished the charm square quilt top. There are as many corners that are wide of the mark as there are spot on. I do not mind,this from a (one time) control freak is frankly quite scary. I have named it tipsy, for obvious reasons. Francesca has claimed it for her bed here once finished. The back is under construction, I am having a break from making a run of 4 patch blocks to insert in the back.
I am lunching on carrot sticks and Hummus, back to 5 years old.

We are having Cajun Rice for dinner, requested by the SO.
I had to miss spinning again this week, the thought of perching on a hard chair for 2 hours made my mind up. I hope to go next week as it is a dying session. I have some white Jacob,s tops that I would love to dye and there is some fleece on it's way from Pembrokeshire. If it arrives in time I rather fancy some, if not most, will be in the dye pot as well. I have a stock of dye powder that I will take with me, hopefully someone else will like my rainbow of colours.

The bread machine is chugging away, a wholemeal loaf ready for tomorrow. It is a panasonic and a real workhorse, quite old by some standards and does not have the automatic dispenser. That does not bother me, I add seeds at the start, they get broken up a bit but hey, they get broken when you start to eat it anyway.
With the fancy recipes it beeps when it is time to add whatever, I just make sure to stay within earshot.

Another glorious day here, washing pegged out, chores done and I am about to go and potter in the garden. When I say potter I possibly mean sit in a shady spot, with the dogs, and read a bit or knit a few rows. I have a comfy seat with a squishy cushion so will be fine for an hour.

                               TTFN                              Pam

Sorry, who told me to act my age?

Well, it may have been me. I was having an off moment. 
I may have hurt my hip while playing football. xx


  1. Oh Pam, you do make me laugh! Long may you continue to play football and act whatever age you want to be. I settled on 39 as my forever age some years ago, I stick to that because I like it!

  2. I did wonder who had told you to act your age and then laughed at your last comment.

  3. Hi! I turned 68 a couple of weeks ago and cannot tell any difference at all. Most days I seem to be waiting to grow up, too, and still think of myself as a girl and not a woman.

    I'm also a quilter and enjoy your blog.


  4. My mum was old when she was my age, or so I thought, but like you, I'm a few years younger(sorry), I am who I am, my age does not matter. I'm enjoying time in the garden, can't get into greenhouse, just too hot.

  5. Happy Birthday wishes, I hope you enjoy a lovely birthday.
    Your as old as you feel!!!

  6. Hey, you are whatever age you want to be. Heck there are times I act like a spoiled three year old.

    I hope you enjoy the dying session.

    God bless.

  7. But how can you act your age? You haven't been this age before, so how can you possibly know what to do?


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