Friday 15 May 2020

A bits and bobs kind of day

I don't have a set plan for the day, just a broad outline and a list in descending order of priority
Tea, toast and more tea. done
Get ingredients ready for dinner and some baking. done
Dog walk. done
Make a pot of coffee and enjoy. done
Set more Autumn King carrots. done
Make a cuppa. done
Set more coriander seed. next job
I won't bore you with the rest, it concerns manure amongst other things.

I went through the fridge yesterday and found some cheddar that had not been wrapped too well and is starting to dry and harden. There were also 2 pots of buttermilk getting close to use by.

On peering into the freezers I found some space. Woo Hoo.

There is a bottle of lemonade that was started the day before.

Cue Cheese and sage/chive/parsley buttermilk scones and lemonade scones (there was also a pot of thick cream) some with raisins and/or cranberries.

Cottage pie for dinner so that can go in the oven when the scones come out and I might prepare a tray of chickpeas and fennel seeds to roast, that will slide in on the next shelf.
Result, I hate putting the big oven on for one thing but that lot would take for ever using the mini oven.

Scones, like Yorkshire Puddings are a wonderful item to have in the freezer. They take no time to reheat, I do nuke the scones but the yorkies go straight on the shelf in a hot oven and are ready in  minutes.

Now where's my list. I want to complete it today while the garden still has a little shade.

Stay safe.

                              TTFN                              Pam

PS. I dont over do the scones just enough to warm them slightly. if they are too hot the butter melts and the jam and cream end up on the plate or worse in my lap.


  1. Hi Pam, have only commented (ages ago) a few times, but wanted to say welcome back, really missed your daily chat to us out here in the cold, I always enjoyed your blog so much, I was also a bit in awe of your many talents, and the amount of stuff you managed to get through every day, I could never do it, that's for sure! What are lemonade scones, I've never heard of them, can you share the recipe, or is it a family secret?! So glad you are back here again, long may it be so. Very best regards, Terry in Reigate

  2. I love to have Yorkies in the freezer too, a great standby.

  3. I do very similar. The oven is packed to the gunnels when it's on. You can through so much in scones, never made lemonade ones....will have to google.

  4. Enjoy your scones in one of your tea brakes (we seem to be having more tea breaks at the moment, not that I am complaining)
    Take care x

  5. I don't like having the oven on for only one thing either. Great planning on your part.

    God bless.


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