Saturday 16 May 2020

Taking a break. Ha.

That was the idea anyway, After a reasonably busy week I planned on pottering around house and garden. 
It all started well, a pot of tea, a lemonade scone with some berry jam. A long walk with Herbie and a pot of coffee to come home to.

Washed up, cleared kitchen, all the usual things and then opened up the greenhouse. Check round and all is well.

Back indoors and I thought that it was time to have a rummage round the pantry shelves. 

Bad Idea.

3 hours later and shelves were emptied, cleaned and contents shuffled around. Not sure if that will suit or whether I will be putting it all back as it was. 

So much for a break.

But I am pleased that it is done and even more pleased that there was only a tiny bit of dust to remove.

Really pleased to discover 5 jars of mango chutney, I thought it had all been eaten, and some large kilner jars of Victoria Plums from last years bumper harvest.

There will not be so many this year as the weight of fruit led to the loss of a branch. I had it propped up but a night of really strong wind took it down, all the fruit was saved and processed that day.

The Damson tree had a good flush of blossom but one of the storms stripped most of it. The Czar plum is laden with tiny fruit and if it grows well will compensate. The fruits are quite dark and will make a good substitute for damson jam and jelly.

I was thinking of an Early Blue River plum but couldn't source one.
Michael and I have had a discussion as to the feasability of a windbreak to help shelter that section of the garden. No doubt it will happen but what form it will take is anyones guess.

I tried knitting last evening, it was fine for an hour then my eyes were tired and I knitted a whole round wrong and had to tink back.
Note to self only knit in sunlight and pace myself.

Getting in for a sight test is top of my list when I feel safe enough. There will probably be a high demand so I will be surprised if it is this year.

The type of cataracts mean that everything is darker and I can only knit or sew with pastel and bright colours. I have 3 colourwork patterns that I was hoping to have as my winter knitting but they are on the back burner. I have not bothered to dye the yarn yet as I am not sure that the colour that I see is the colour that it is.
I  will not be buying commercial yarn as I will only need small amounts of most colours and I made the mini skeins ages ago.

I dug out a pair of summer weight curtains this morning and thought what a glorious skirt and jacket they would make. Maybe I will later so I put them back for now.

Herbie has just bounced onto the sofa and, with a look, informed me that it is past time that we went outside.

Stay safe.

                               TTFN                              Pam


  1. I had my cateracts done last year. I called it a miracle. I wore glasses since I was 4 and I'm now 68. They corrected one eye for distance and one for close work (I wore contacts that worked that way). A lot of time I slept with glasses on so I could see the clock and my way to the bathroom. The first day I woke with perfect vision, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. No more 'life stops at sundown' for me. Good luck.

  2. I am so looking forward to having mine removed. I dread the dark evenings as I struggle now once the sun starts to set.

  3. Its nice when you find things in the back of the cupbosed. Enjoy the lost chutney!

  4. What a difference it made to my Dad when he had his done, overnight his life changed for the better. Here's hoping you can get yours done soon.


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