Wednesday 27 May 2020

Flowing downhill

Primarily it is the Squit, Nonsense and absolute Excreta that is pouring from the PM and his band of idiots. The absolute fool Cummings,who decided to drive out to "test his eyesight" (and other blatant stretching and bending the rules) is not fit to hold office. 
A case of  "Do as I say, not as I do".

My eyesight is poor and I would not drive as far as the next house to test it. I know how far and how clearly I can see.

Secondly it is the perspiration that is pouring from me. All of me.

I took the decision yesterday to take out the monster Czar tree. I had a good look round it and there were precisely 3 tiny fruit on it. They did not look like plums to me. 
I think that I bought a pig in a poke.
AKA a bird cherry.
I got out the extending loppers and took all the small branches off, leaving the trunk in situ.
This morning I dug the stump and roots out, hot and sticky work.

That is the second tree that I have moved from that corner of the garden. 
There will not be a third. 
I can take a hint.

Cool Sun Wearing Sunglasses Emoji Cartoon Vector Clipart ...

The resulting space may just be big enough for the raised bed that I want need. 

The tree is gone completely, the small stuff has gone through the chipper and the rest is ready for my neighbour to take to his Mums, she has open fires and once seasoned it will give her a warming.

I have had to come indoors now, it is very hot, too much for me and the dogs. I took them out early for a long walk but they do like to be where the action is. There is shade but they would far rather be in the hottest spot, panting away and making me feel guilty.

I will go out a bit later and tidy the ground up and then measure.
There are some small fruit bushes nearby that I grew from cuttings. I might relocate them in the autumn, or they might be incorporated in to a larger raised bed. I will play it by ear, and take into consideration what materials I have to hand.

Now it looks like lunch time, absolutely no idea what to have. Dinner tonight is griddled Tofu with a hoisin and garlic sauce on a noodle stir fry. I hope that pea shoots will replace mangetout as I don't have any.

Stay safe.

                          TTFN                                         Pam


  1. No point in keeping a tree that won't fruit Pam. I am tempted to try 'keyhole gardening' I just have to get around to it as I have the perfect spot to put it

  2. The worst thing is he lied initially and knowing he'd get caught confessed. Then the confession takes us all for fools. I have no words.

    Great work in the garden.

  3. We have swapped our meals around having the bigger meal at 1pm, which was how my mum did it when we were children, makes the evening feel much better.

  4. What a woman you are doing all that work! I love the sound of your dinner-a nice light meal for this warmer weather. Catriona

  5. It is warm here too for the first time in weeks, I am loving it.

  6. Well done on completing the tree removal
    Belated birthday wishes


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