Thursday 7 May 2020

Resolution cancelled

I don't really make resolutions for the new year, or the old one come to that.
This january though I decided to limit my online purchases to those that I could not get any other way.

Well that soon went out the window. 
Before lockdown and all the ensuing madness.

I watched the news, I listened to the experts and the drips under pressure and came to my own conclusions.

I also remembered my Granny telling me of villages that were decimated by Spanish Flu.

I checked my cupboards.

I set up a weekly delivery spot for 12 months with Asda (they were the only company that had such a thing).

I did not panic buy 5 million loo rolls and half a tonne of pasta/rice/baked beans etc.

I have cancelled 2 of my delivery spots as I did not need them.

It is not perfect but it works. I much prefer to select my own shopping but have no desire to queue for hours and then be jostled round the store at breakneck speed.

My shopping arrives mid week without delay. There are sometimes substitutions, they do not always make sense to me, but I either use them or pass them on.

My Granny did this as a matter of course.  She had 2 notebooks, filled in one during the week and passed it to the delivery man and received the other back with her groceries. That one would be duly used and swapped a week later.

She never ran out of anything and there were never any meals concocted from a random selection of oddities.

Meal planning was the norm and most weeks followed a set pattern, roast on Sunday, cold on Monday, cottage pie on Tuesday and so on. The fish man came on Friday and we had whatever the catch was.

I have sidestepped.

As I was leading up to, all my shopping is now online. A Brucie bonus is that I have plenty of cardboard for the brown portion in my compost bin. 
A big downside is that much comes in plastic, very little of which is suitable for recycling.
We do not have a milk delivery in the village and cartons and plastic are the only option.
I am using the plastic containers in the garden every pot has at least one beside it, filled with rain water for the ericaceous plants, tap water for the rest. No need to reel out the hose, the pots are mulched the plants take up water at varying rates and the water is right there on hand. As I empty one I refill and return it for the next time.

I am enjoying having no need to leave the village, there are many options for dog walking and most times I see nobody.

Once we have (if we ever do) reached a point where there are zero new cases, and some time has passed, I will resume shopping myself. However I will be doing one trip and only one per week, regardless of anything that I feel that I want or need. Meal planning has run so smoothly over the past weeks, wereas it was rather eratic, that it has become the new 'norm.

I list what I want to make, order just what I need and nothing extra because it caught my eye.
Mind you I do miss the "fridge bottom" meals.

Clothes are not an issue, I always relenish the "undies drawer" in the January sales. Most of everything else I make, and there is still a sizeable stash of yarn and fabric. Still waiting for elastic.
The only possible hiccup will be my eyesight, hopefully that will be the first item to be crossed of the To Do in the Outside World list.

Of course my hair is growing steadily more unruly but I scoop it up into a bun, plaits or pony tail and ignore it.
Some of my outfits are rather loud, I love colour, but the only people who see me are accustomed to that. any that care about it don't matter and those that do matter don't care.

I care that I do not dissappear into a cloud of beige and none colours, my Mum and Granny were the same. Bolder is better and brightest is bestest.

On that upbeat note I am off to have a look at the garden while it is still a bit overcast, we are due some more searing heat and I don't venture out in that.

Stay safe.

                           TTFN                               Pam


  1. Love this post, it echo's my feelings, we have managed to get a delivery every 2 weeks, we have most of what we need, probably have a bit more food in store cupboard and freezer, but no panic buying either. We do walk to our local Co-op once a week to get fresh veg, ect. I don't miss shopping, I don't buy clothes, the few bits I want, mainly for the garden, I try and get local off the net. Plastic is an issue we can't control at the moment, but then so much is out of our hands in these strange times. just glad you are well xxx.

  2. I got such a chuckle out of your title! I feel the same way. Since the quarantine, my house runs much more smoothly, meal prep leaves little to chance and I am escaping the duty of dodging shopping carts and parking lots. The only think I miss is the farmer's market and my little grandkids!
    Stay safe, Jan

  3. Glad that you have everything set up the way you need it.

    God bless.

  4. Really uplifted me reading this post Pam.
    We have a weekly delivery too, and perhaps have more in the cupboards than normal. I count my blessings each day and feel happy. The only thing is I cant go out the front door, today is day 57, and I've only nipped to the GP surgery twice in that time for my monthly blood test that has to be done (safer for me to go there gloved and masked). I am missing a walk, up and down the garden has to do at the moment. A slower and quieter life is so enjoyable


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