Monday, 18 May 2020

Would you?

Go back in time and change things if you could.

Feeling a bit bleh this morning, only for a few minutes, I thought I would love to go back and start over.
Quickly followed by " when to and where". My past has made me who I am today. Some bits have been really bad, but most has been from okay to wonderful. There are millions of peeps who would gladly accept okay, and of course there are the ones who expect every moment to be wonderful.

Life is not like that, it is not fair it is more of a circus with highs and lows. Swings and roundabouts. If you never have a bad time how can you recognise and appreciate the good times.

On mulling it over for, ooh, all of a nano second (isn't the mind wonderful) I decided that no, I would not go back and deliberately change anything.

I wouldn't mind if The Doctor whisked me off to various points so I could enjoy them all over again. 
Wait a minute, that is what memory is for. So thats why we have one. We can choose to leave whole chunks locked away and revel in the ones that we wish to. But (there it is again) it would be foolish to indulge in that to the extent that we miss out on the here and now.
I like the here and now, the good, the bad and even the downright ugly, because that is what life is all about.

It was overcast and quite grey when I awoke, hence the Bleh. It is now bright with a fairly brisk breeze but not at all cold, not even cool. 
My "foster" dogs came bounding in this morning, they spend weekends with their owner as he works on the family farm then.

The naughty lab puppy, Revi, had chewed through Poppys lead so my first job was to make a new one. I have a stock of webbing, lightweight but I doubled it up, and it was a matter of 5 minutes and a nice new one was done.

Revi also had a bit of a chewfest on her own lead so I used a spare retractable lead for the walk. She has a slip lead and I do not have anything remotely suitable to make a replacement.

I have virtually emptied the patio of plants and will be giving it a good sweep before putting some different pots there. The pots that require rainwater are coming round from the front garden. I hope to get another water butt nearer to the front but right now I am fed up with carrying cans of water, 6 planters = 12 cans of water = 6 round trips. Then there are the blueberries in the soil, in dry weather thats another 3 or 4 round trips. I will be looking for a butt to go out there today, I have a diverter kit to put in the downpipe. Fingers crossed it won't be many days before it is sorted ( and we get some rain to fill it)

I have a dwarf apple tree that is in the wrong place, not in my way but it seems to be in a mini wind tunnel. It has been battered and sculpted by the wind, and I think that Herbie has inadvertantly helped this when he jumps up to pick his own apples.

This autumn when it is dormant we will be digging it up and tranferring it to Jess,s garden. The fruits are red and shiny so she will have 2 pairs of hands rather that a doggy mouth to remove them.

I will not be replanting with anything as there is not much point.

I spent a considerable part of yesterday right at the top of my garden in the "midden". It is an area that was full of all sorts of household items that had been disgarded by previous occupants. Of course it kept being pushed to the bottom of the to do list and over the years had had many layers of fallen leaves mulch it. There are some old and dying bushes that are covered with ivy around the edges. 
I should say that there were, I had a full body workout up there hacking it all down, some of the ivy stems were almost as thick as my wrists. Once it dies off the small stuff will go through the chipper and become mulch for the beds and pots.

I started at one side and have rootled and dug down to remove old bits of rusting metal, miles of old hosepipe and almost a trees worth of rotting wood. 

This is now on hold till next weekend as the dogs cannot be allowed up there, and I don't mind a break from it. My arms and shoulders are complaining this morning and my leg muscles are moaning as well. I walked several miles back and forth . There is a considerable amount of leaf mould, soil and old spent compost up there and I think it will become a good growing space for next year. I hope to fill it with broad beans in November, I have a supply of well rotted manure to improve the growing medium.  
The seed is not expensive and it will give me an indication of its suitability. If it works the ground should be cleared in time for a crop of something to go in by late spring, early summer.

The dogs are all sleeping so I am off to do the patio, the gentle snoring may lull me off into a snooze otherwise.

Stay safe.

                                   TTFN                    Pam


  1. Hubby and I often say we wish we had run away when we first met, instead of waiting years, but we were both married to others at the time, and I would not have my wonderful youngest daughter, who is the kindest sole you could meet. We have too much thinking time.

    1. I don't exactly think, just let my mind drift where it wills when i am busy.

  2. I won't change much, if I could. Maybe my attitude. I am not the avid gardener you are, but since my husband lives in Germany and we have been in lock down for seven weeks in South Africa (so no weekly gardener) I have to wrestle the garden into submission. It is nearly winter on this side of the world, and there are a few end of season jobs to do. I must admit it is good for the soul to be outside in the sunshine.

    1. I would change very few things, in fact the only one that springs to mind is my eyesight.


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