Saturday 9 May 2020

One day out

For most of this week I have been a day out, thinking that it was a day later. No idea why, I message people every morning, watch the news and listen to the radio. Each day I have realised at some point what day it is but the next morning I am back in the time warp.

It may be age related, or too much sun. It could be all the fresh air or maybe I am going stir crazy.

Whatever the cause is it doesn't really matter as most days are much the same.

Not moaning, just saying.

A big positve from all this outdoorsy time is the effect it has had on my quality of sleep.
I fall into bed and am asleep before my head hits the pillow around 10 and am waking up around 5. That's 7 yes 7 whole hours, 2 nights sleep for the old me. I love it, I feel refreshed and full of energy each morning. I still get a couple of hours to myself in the morning in which I drink tea and map out my day. 
I do not always follow the map but the intention is there.

I have been potting up rooted cuttings and some self rooted shrub branches that drooped onto the soil. These will all become gifts, some have been dropped off on doorsteps including some tiny crab apple trees that I grew from seed. There is no telling what they will be like but as long as they give joy it does not matter.

Jess and I have swapped seeds and plants along with encouragement and advice. Both gardens should be bountiful for some time. 

I am hoping to source a perrenial kale for the autumn, we had one when I was a child and tremendous amounts were cut on a regular basis. We had to as it was a big beastie and grew like a triffid. 

I am aching to get my eyes sorted, it is affecting all parts of my life and I really want to sew again.

We had a humdinger of a thunderstorm this afternoon, Herbie was incensed that something was making all that noise in HIS garden, he launched himself  through the door at the first clap and stood on guard for ages.

The rain was plentiful and my water butts are now well topped up.

That is more than my tea levels are so I am off to get the kettle singing.

Stay safe.

                          TTFN                                  Pam


  1. It seems as if the days just slide into each other. I have to look at the calendar twice to make sure of what day it is.

    God bless.

  2. I've never heard of perennial Kale and will have to look it up. Kale is one of my favourite veg. With a bit of luck the garden centres will all be allowed to open so I might get a tray of curly kale to pop into the borders. It looks great in the flower border. I'd love to grow a red/purple variety next year.

  3. I am sleeping easier at bedtime, but I am waking up far too early every morning, we don't have any lining on our bedroom curtains, so the daylight wakes me up, but I prefer it like this. I do have an alarm which goes off Monday to Friday at 8am, this allows me (if I'm still in bed) to know it's a weekday, but as to what day it might be, I just don't need to know. I have loads of flowers for my neighbour across the road, we swap plants all the time.

  4. I cant seem to wake in the mornings, been a lot of late starts here. Good quality sleep though so I am not complaining.
    I hope you can soon get your eyes looked at, perhaps Boris will have some hope in this evenings message.


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