Tuesday 12 May 2020

The sun had its hat on today

and boy did it play.
After yesterdays wind it was marvellous to wake and find stillness, even if there was a miniscule shimmer of frost.

That soon melted and the day warmed up nicely, no frost damage but quite a few plants were ruffled by the wind.

I have put the fleece back again tonight, just in case as the sky is devoid of cloud. Not so much as a wisp of white to be seen.

Does anyone remember Jasper Carrot? He used to do a joke about a machine gun turret and moles in his garden.

Well I would like to see many speed traps to deal with the maniacs who regard the traffic denuded roads as race tracks. They roar through the village at breakneck speed, overtaking anything in their path, regardless of all the parked vehicles. There have been a few near misses with screaming brakes and lots of loud hooting and probably a fair bit of language too.

I wouldn't machine gun them but happily see the cars hauled off to the crusher and the drivers left to walk home.

Did I tell you about the cucumber seed? I set it nice and early and waited, and waited, its in a warm place, and waited. So I set some more and waited, and waited, its in another warmer spot, and waited. Spoke to my sister in Norfolk to find that she was in much the same boat. These are outdoor ridge cucmbers, all the greenhouse ones that she grows for her daughter are romping away.

Time passed and when walking past the first lot I noticed a strong green shoot through the cover, Woo Hoo. 
A little later and there were 3, Woo Ho again.

Next day I decided to check the second batch, nothing Boo Hoo.
The day after there were 2, today there,s another 3. I shall be over run with them, I see lots of cucumber pickles in my life, good job that we like it. Lots.

I managed to buy a 16Kg bag of bread flour, white but better than nothing. Of course I am low on yeast so sourdough is back on the menu. 
Nothing wrong with that, we both like it. 
Far too much. 
I will be making small loaves.
We have been known to eat a loaf at one sitting.
Greedy McGreedies.
That's us.

Now, who's for toast and marmalade.

Stay safe

                             TTFN                                       Pam


  1. I looooove toast! I taught all my children to loooove toast. One married a man who kept his toaster in the cupboard so when lightning struck the house, it wouldn't set his toaster on fire and burn down the house. Kinda made it hard to have toast whenever you wanted... (his house still hasn't burned down)
    When I make bread, I know that one loaf will disappear that day, so I have to leave a second loaf out, then I put the rest into the freezer. Even though there's only two of us, not all nine in the family at home any more!

    1. Oh Ruth, we are like minded. I made a batch of mixed berry jam this morning, from lasts years last pickings which went straight into the freezer, and as it was settling before going into the jars I scooped a little out for toast later. Lush. I read the last entry on your blog and am just the same.

  2. My son wishes laser weapons were real for the idiot drivers here. The roads are still fairly bare but every so often we get someone speedy down our street which ends abruptly at a one way cross.

  3. Cucumbers are strange beasts, but once they start coming they come like gang busters.

    God bless.

  4. Pam hubby got dried yeast from Amazon. My 1st lot of cucumbers did not grow, but the seeds were 2 years out of date. There is more traffic on our roads and sadly they still don't have any manners as the race by.

  5. I only had 3 old seeds that I planted. I got one seedling but managed to get a pot from Lidl with 3 healthy plants in for £1.38. I am a toast addict, I'd happily live on the stuff.

  6. I remember Jasper Carrot and his swivel stool to get a 360 view of the little blighters lol


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