Saturday 23 May 2020

The winds in the willows

And the oaks, ash, holly and every other tree, shrub and plant in the valley. 
It seems to be waning now but its been a rough couple of days. 

I have been out in it, Herbie still needed his walks and I need the exercise and fresh air.

I have been up and down the stairs more times than I care to count.
Michael did make the journey downstairs and stayed down for a while. The return trip from the bathroom was just too much but hopefully he will be more able as the days go by.

I don't seem to have suffered much mayhem in the garden, a few pots had arrived on the wind, and the greenhouse is still in situ.

Francesca sent me a bouquet of flowers, they are lovely, I have a look at them between trips up and down, very soothing to the soul.

I was up early and made the most of it by bottoming the living room, a great deal of "stuff" has gone and there are some empty spaces here and there. Much better.

A collection of bits and pieces that live on Michaels side table are now housed in an unobtrusive lidded pot. All are apparently essential, I understand, I have my own collection. I just don't want to have to move them piece by piece when I dust, so they are now housed together as mine are.

Gosh that was a bit moany, I am no Hyacinth Bucket/Bouquet. I just don't like piles of clutter around, not even my own.

Nothing much to say really, I hope that none of you have suffered any wind damage. It's nothing compared to what some countries have as a matter of course. I think that the Brits take any extremes of weather as almost a personal afront.

Now I better get Herbie out for his last walk, he's snoring his head off beside me and its making me feel weary.

Stay safe.

                               TTFN                              Pam


  1. Glad to hear Michael is trying to stay mobile but he was wise not to overdo things too soon. How lovely to have flowers from your daughter-always a welcome gift. Take care of yourself too and don’t overdo the stair climbing. Happy Sunday-it’s still windy here and the garden is covered in leaves. Catriona

  2. Garden is good here in Hampshire, we do have loads of bits on the lawn blown off our flat garage roof, and plenty of leaves ripped off our Magnolia tree. Still breezy here, but that's OK, I should really get on with the house work.

  3. Its been mighty windy here. I chuckled as two jackdawstried to fly but endedup stationery in the sky flapping their wings like mad.... staying home for so long is making me a little silly i fear LOL
    Get well wishes for the patient


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