Monday 11 May 2020

Woosh, there goes another carrier bag/crisp packet/sweet wrapper

That was my morning walk with the dogs, it made for a full body workout. Anything that landed near us was pounced upon by Herbie and Poppy, the jack russel. Anything that sailed overhead was a target for the Springbok that is disguised as a chocolate labrador puppy. I had to check once or twice that both arms were still in their sockets, and my footwork whilst avoiding the little ones was worthy of Fred Astaire or Michael Flatley.

Once we got off the road, 2 minutes of hopping and dancing, and onto the footpath we were fine. 

We used to put out recycling into plastic bags and tie them up, now we have these heavy duty square bags with hook and eye closures that are prety much useless. There is a sizeable gap along each side ot the bag and the wind rushes through carrying anything light out with it.

We also have black rigid plastic bins for glass and paper and textiles, much better you think. Well if the lids locked in place it would be fine, as it is most households no longer have lids and the hedgerows, and garden hedges are festooned with splinters and chunks of rigid black plastic. They ride the wind better that any frisbee and when dropped thay shatter like a cup hitting quarry tiles.

Moan, moan, whinge whinge, that's a collective from the whole village.

Of course the carrier bags have only come back as deliveries are all bagged up to preserve social distancing. Swings and roundabouts I am lining all my pots and planters with said carriers. The idea is that it will be easier to get the contents out than trying to tip a huge planter out.

My little mouse having decimated the peas that were direct sown has passed through to further fields, or someone elses garden, fat and happy.

The brassicas that I planted early are growing well inside their pop bottle homes, I have just sown some 60 day broccoli seed, we will see if I am eating it in 60 days time. I have grown it before and on the eastern side of the country it was always another 10-15 days. 

I have been researching perennial vegetables and will be trying some out next year, along with some "polyculture" broadcast sowing several different plant types in a raised bed for a long harvest season without having to replant. it looks interesting and there is time for me to play that game this year.

Just have to convince Michael that there IS room for another raised bed. not to mention finding the materials to build it.....there is a heap of old bricks lurking some where at the top of the garden. Might have to "discover" them later on today.

I haven't been converted solely to the garden, once I get my eyes sorted there will be sewing and patterned or colourwork knitting taking place. Fingers crossed just in time for the end of the gardening season.

Now it is time for a cuppa and perhaps a sandwich as it is gone 2.

Stay safe.

                         TTFN                                      Pam


  1. So many different variations of storing rubbish for recycling. We used to have 5 different small boxes with clip on lids. Now we have 3 talls bins which is much better and all recycling goes into 1 bin to be sorted their end.

  2. I got 2 new raised beds this week. keeping hubby busy to stop lock in boredom. enjoy your plotting.

  3. We have large blue bins here in my city and anything that the city recycles gets thrown in there from fabric, bottles/cans/plastic, and glass.

    God bless.

  4. "Might have to "discover" them later on today." Brilliant. Made me laugh a lot! Happy hunting.

  5. The wind we get here would destroy in seconds that set up. Hopefully they will have a rethink. Hope you manage to find the bricks and such for another bed.


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