Friday 22 May 2020

A ray of sunshine

Thank you for all your kind comments regarding Michael the Lame.

He is home but confined upstairs for a while, the doctors had to manipulate his ankle quite considerably and it will take a few days to calm down.

He has some mega watt pain meds and is spaced out, like cool man.

It hasn't affected his appetite though, he managed a grilled cheese sandwich about an hour after getting home and, for dinner, worked his way through homemade burgers, sausages, 2 doorsteps of bread still warm from the oven and a huge salad.

The ray of sunshine came from Jess and Will. Now that my garden plans are on indefinite hold ( a bit like the Tokyo Olympics) I have to rehome 7 large potted shrubs, all of which need to go into the garden this autumn. They are too big for me to manhandle and Jess and Will have kindly offered to rehome them at the weekend. As luck would have it they have an area that needs clearing and planting up. Win Win.

Perhaps the Gods had seen beyond my initial idea to the next step and have given me a solution to a future problem.

I was in the garden after dinner potting up the tumbler tomato plants and putting stakes in for the rest. Of course I have too many, even after giving some away to a brand new greenhouse owner. If I cannot find a suitable slot for them I hope that she has room for a few more.

The dogs had settled down for a snooze, they had a busy day following me round house and garden plus 2 decent walks and several sessions of rough and tumble.

I was in bed quite early, I didn't manage to sleep in the afternoon, I was too wired. Although I merely pootled about I knocked a few jobs off the everlasting list.

We had rain overnight, I didn't hear it but the tiles are still damp and there is the odd puddle of water on the road.
It is quite grey and windy out there so I will catch up with any chores that I missed/avoided yesterday. I can turn a blind eye with the best of them.
I did get an hours worth of tidying in the sewing room yesterday. In one corner I have a shelf unit that houses all my preserving gear, jars both empty and full, the maslin pan and waterbath canner.
During my rejig those had been decidely muddled but all is pleasing to my eyes now. Another short session should get it completely back to rights.
But first, tea and later toast?, not porrage this morning I don't fancy it at all.

Stay safe.

                          TTFN                                  Pam


  1. Hope his ankle recovers apace lol, seem to have missed some of your blogs and I see you have another doggie what type is she and will you put up a pic of all of them one day take care x

  2. Just dull here in Hampshire, no rain :o((

  3. Wishing Michael a speedy recovery soon. I wished I lived closer I would be chomping at the bit for your spare tomato plants.

  4. Good to read Michael is home. Some of those nasty painkillers do enhance the appetite somewhat.


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