Thursday 28 December 2017

Another day older.

Not that age is an issue for me. I have reached the point, well let's be honest here, I raced past the point yonks ago where I have to chose between face and body.
A while ago I tried on "the dress", that one that clings to every ripple and bulge. Quite frankly it was not a pretty sight to behold, in came even more healthy eating, out went some bad biscuity/cakey/chocolatey/cheesy habits.
The weight melted away, painlessly.

I have a large boned frame, with wide shoulders, a strong jawline and fairly high cheekbones. Oh My Goodness, my face, neck and shoulder line told the world that I was seriously underweight.
My skin became dry and my hair turned lank and lacklustre.
Oh yes, the tummy was flatter, the hip bulges went away and the little rolls of fat over my knee caps dissolved beautifully.

BUT, I could not meet anyone without them asking if I was ill. I also could not look in the mirror without cringing.

So I upped the ante, added more fats to my diet and put the weight back on ( I have added a bit more this week). That last "bit" will fall off during January and February. We will be cutting out some of the high calorie low nutrition foods. Puddings will be based around fresh fruit and nuts, so no cream or custard.

In January we will not be eating meat or fish, I have a repertoire, get me!, of vegetarian and vegan dishes that we love. I will be adding more to this list and may carry it throughout February also. At any rate February will not see an influx of meals full of empty calories.
 My scales are out the door, my mirror will be my guiding light.

Of course this whole face/neck/body thing comes with age but there is a whole section of people whose face shape is definitely Apple rather than Horse. IE round as opposed to long
I am firmly in the Horse camp.

Please do not think that this is a Moaning  Myrtle post, I am comfortable in my skin. I was very skinny as a teenager and very self conscious about it, cue roll  necks and long skirts. Bony knees, big feet and skinny Olive Oil legs are so not an attractive combination.

My bloggy friend Rachel Radiostar has lost an impressive amount of weight, she describes it as going to from a short round person to an oval. I know that she is younger than me and I would bet my last £ that she is an apple.

My Mum was an apple, my Granny was a horse, my Aunt an apple. One of my sisters is a horse, the other an apple. It is just the luck of the draw.

All this talk of horses reminds me of the Rotten Turkey reports of the past few days.
What I can not understand is why anyone cooked a smelly bit of meat and then actually ate it. 
Meat that is on the turn becomes flabby and sweaty and if it doesn't really stink when raw it will as it cooks.

This is Francesca's last full day at home, she is back to Beckenham on Friday. Her tight group of Uni friends are going to see Hamilton on Saturday. They have had the tickets for ages and are all excited. We will have to do some fancy footwork in the packing department and I am certain that there will be a box or two of gifts to send on by courier.

Dinner tonight, by special request, is meatloaf with garlicky sweet potato mash, broccoli and cauliflower cheese and carrots. I will be enjoying the same dinner as W, my version of Shepherdess Pie.

I am off now to make another cuppa for Francesca, she has been hard at work since 8:00, working from home today, and by the time it is brewed it will be both needed and wanted.

                         TTFN                                      Pam


  1. I know what you mean with the other non-welcome bits of weight loss. About 18 months ago I lost 2.5 st. Felt great hair started falling out at an alarming rate!! I had to up the ante like yourself and introduced more fat and proteins back. It's settled now - but I've regained weight.

  2. It takes alot to come to terms with our changing body shape as we grow older, I do watch my weight, as I put on the pounds they don't always show, I am more apple these days.

  3. I can understand you.
    I'm quite calorie conscious, but in the past I was not, and sometimes had to start reducing calories and quantities to get rid of weight surplus. I always told people around me about my plan, to avoid the thought that I looked skinny because I was ill.

    Meat and fish have high quality protein which helps burning calories and lose weight. So, I wouldn't totally give them up, perhaps, eating less of the stuff. Nuts are very rich in calories, so one should seldom eat them.
    Good Luck with your resolution for January-February!

  4. I don't know about apple, I am more dumpling, put weight on easily and have real job to get rid of it.

    Dr has just been, I have the flu 2 weeks before I feel normal again and 2 months before I am better!! OMG.

  5. That's so true about losing weight at a certain age! I could still do with losing a few pounds, but it's not as important as it was for me when I was younger. I'm guided by how I feel and if I get too thin, my rubbish health lets me know!

    I didn't realise Arne and Carlos had books. That's my Birthday sorted then. I love the Norwegian style of knitting as my hands no longer cramp up now :D

  6. I'm more pear shaped than apple but its evening out now! I lost 16lb+ in March and weigh just under 9st. I feel great because I upped my exercise too.

  7. I'm definitely an apple....more so now the menopause is in full swing - I have a bum now whereas years ago it was fairly flat. And my hair is thinning, and my skin getting dryer :(

  8. Hey Pam, you are correct! I am an apple! With the weightloss though I am rather one that's been in the fruit bowl for three weeks too long! I've a turkey wobble throat for sure! I wish I'd not fannied about being so fat for so long. But even though I know it's pointless, I'm gurning like a good un morning n night slathering on cream in the stupid belief it will melt away the excess wobble! Also my wrinkles are deeper! But I've more energy and my knees don't hurt as much anymore so gotta take the ying with the yang!

  9. Oh, weight loss...what an awful game to play. After my doctor hounded me for years, I bit the bullet and lost 135 pounds (pounds sound more impressive to me than stones, lol) and the first words out of the doctor's mouth when she saw me when I hit my goal was that I look 20 years older. Great! I felt 30 years younger (even took up running) but looked 20 years older. Looking at the mirror, I'm neither pear or apple, more like a sack of poop! Love reading about your life. Happy new year. Jan

  10. I have a bit of the apple thing going on here too. I'd love to look more like an apple that's had a few bites taken from round it's

  11. I have a pear body now, not that I am thrilled with it. My face is thin so it shows age. The little ones I work with always point out my wrinkles and ask why I have lines. Sounds like you have had a wonderful visit.

  12. Lol...oooh repertoire, fancy lady. ;) I think I'm a pear. I definitely have more of me to love and a good "secretary spread" lol...

  13. As far as losing weight.....I am the yoyo type. Up and down with great regularity.

    Not sure if I am an apple or a horse, though my father used to say I walked like a horse (noisy walker I guess).

    God bless.


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