Wednesday 27 December 2017

Last remnants.

I had to go and do a bit of shopping for W this morning, his train arrives in Neath at 3:15 and he will not want to traipse around after milk and bread. I just got the bare essentials as I will be cooking for him tonight and probably for the rest of the week. 
Tonight it will be roasted Butternut Squash stuffed with veg in cheese sauce and topped with a seedy gratin. Simple food after his few days of hotel living.
I took a couple of photos of the "fancy" dress in our house on Christmas Eve

Francesca had a book that could not be put down.

That is until Rufus needed to be with her.

The SO had his Elf gear on, quite appropriate as we watched Elf.

I did some knitting and general pottering around. My granny would have said that I was like a cat on hot bricks. I can not remember the last time that I sat down for such long periods, probably college.

We did have a little snow in the last hour, but it left as fast as it arrived. There is snow on the mountains here though so we haven't lost our chance quite yet.

I have rootled through the yarn stash and found enough Aran weight yarn to knit myself a colour work hat from the Arne & Carlos book. I would love to knit a sweater but do not have the yarn for it. I really want to knit 2 sweaters from stash before buying more yarn, it is going to be difficult but I am determined. There are some lovely stranded knitting patterns in the Knitting from the North book and I have some solid coloured 4 ply.

No knitting today, I managed to bash the back of my right hand on a door handle yesterday and it is sore now.

The dogs were happy to go on their walk and were almost reluctant to turn for home, something to do with the fact that it poured down most of yesterday I think. It was quite sunny first thing but the wind was bitterly cold.

On that note I feel a nice hot cuppa coming on.

                         TTFN                                     Pam


  1. I detect a Dan Brown novel, I can understand why it's a page turner.

  2. Love the Christmas clothes.
    DD and I wore Team Santa t shirts on Christmas Day but we couldn't find any festive pj's that we liked.

  3. My daughter ,her OH and her two daughters wore Spotty PJs from Matalan all sold to raise money forvAlder Hey Childrens Hospital.

  4. Omg, I laughed so hard at the elf costume!!! Very fun! And Christmas pj's! :) It's so nice to be in pj's reading a book with a furry friend keeping you warm! :)

  5. The SO totally rocks the elf outfit! ,knowing you Pam, you'll have whipped up your jumpers by your next post!


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