Sunday 3 December 2017

My day unfolding.

Oh My Word, it's early. Not yet 6:00 and I am wide awake, turn over and squeeze eyelids together. Total failure and they ping open and refuse to shut.

Slide out of bed, feet into slippers and struggle into robe while heading bathroomwards. (not a real word but it does what it says on the tin)

Down stairs and into kitchen, fill kettle, pause while kettle boils, add  boiling water to tea, pause while tea brews, AAAhhhh nectar (more like tar, I likes it strong).

Find perfect spot on sofa and almost burn mouth....more pausing...just right mmmmm.

Too early to look at today's jobs, chuckles quietly and gets you tube up on telly. A pair of socks that need the toe shaping finishing and more tea, Oh Yes, bring it on.

Some Vlogmas offerings to enjoy with my tea and voila the toes are done and I have even Kitchener stitched  them closed. Ends darned in and another gift done and dusted.

Time to do a little research, I know that I have a fair amount of wadding left BUT I also have a list of quilty things to play with work through.

I want to buy 80/20 batting for a change, I bought some from Flying Goose (at a very reasonable price I hasten to add) and it was lovely to work with. 
I do so much quilty sewing that I like to buy a roll.
A, it is much more economical ( cheaper by the metre and I can cut exactly what I need) 
B, it is so convenient, no having to make a special trip and end up impulse buying anything that catches my eye.
C, just realised that it is economical on time and petrol as well.

I do like a win win scenario.

But the thought of squeezing a whole roll into the car, never mind extracting it, does not exactly float my boat. I can just picture the SO and me doing a "push me pull you" dance. Not a good thought.
So an internet purchase it will have to be.

With scrim or without scrim? That is the question. It had not crossed my mind till I started this research.

Answer unknown, any recommendations ?

Fast forward and it is now 7:30 and I am off for a shower, back later.

9:05, Ben has had his walk and his breakfast, he also had his regular tick and flea prevention dose.

More tea has been brewed and drunk along with a healthy slice of toasted homemade bread. Butter on mine, butter and marmalade for the SO.

I have just under an hour before collecting Rufus for his walk so it is Ironing Time for me, toodlepip for now.

11:00, Rufus walked, ironing done and put away, the SO needs some sand and cement for a small job tomorrow so we are off to B&Q in Swansea.

!3:30, back home after a successful trip, a quick lunch eaten and a cuppa made.
We stopped at Tesco on the way back and I nearly did the dying fly. There was a couple with a child going into the shop, hubby asked basket or trolley? Wife replied "trolley and get a big one as we need milk" the SO and I looked at each other and as one said "at least a cow full"

The icing on the cake was that on my receipt my basket was £2.40 cheaper than the other big 3. Considering that I the only branded goods that I bought were Andrex and Clover  and both of them were on a good offer I am very pleased. The rest of my shopping came from the reduced to clear section and most of it is residing in the freezer.

It is now 6:00, the dogs have been walked and fed, Rufus is in his own home.
The SO and I were nodding off in front of the telly and tea was cooling before being drunk. Not good, cold tea YEUK!!

He put a Christmas movie on and I decided to bake.

2 crunchy topped lemon cakes. 1 for W, he has company tomorrow.
1 large vanilla sponge, this will be cut and frozen ready for trifle. Oh Yum.
1 large plum crumble, RTC plums, nice. Pudding for 2 days for us and W.

There is now a steak and kidney pie in the oven, cauliflower and peas on the hob. No need for potatoes with pastry,not to mention crumble and custard later.

I have some quilt binding to make but that will do tomorrow, this evening is for Strictly results and Blue Planet, oh and possibly a little bit of Dr Who.

Later there will be washing up (the SO) and wiping up (me) and some knitting (another pair of socks) while watching telly.

That is my Sunday, busy enough to keep me happy and calm enough to stop me being tired.

                         TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. So very busy Pam, I've had a huge lazy day, plus an early night.

    1. I am always busy, even when sitting down, I can't help it.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day....apart from being up at that time in a

    1. Once I am awake that's it for me, if by come chance I fall back to sleep I am unsettled for the rest of the day.

  3. I was awake only a little later than you, it drives me mad when I can't get back to sleep. I'm enjoying the Vlogmas videos on YouTube.

    1. I am am watching a few different ones, very entertaining.


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