Wednesday 20 December 2017

Ooh er, it's getting close now.

Francesca's visit I mean, she arrives at mid day on Friday and I am ready and waiting. 

Her bed is made up with this set,

nice and cosy flannelette, from Lidl, she is a chilly girl and likes to be snuggled down.There is a dark red throw if she needs it as well.

The Christmas cushions are in place and there are fairy lights and bunting on the opposite wall.

Her gifts are wrapped and the stocking is full.

There is a small mountain of packages for her to sort through, goodness knows what is in there but we will have a car full to take to Cardigan on Saturday. I have lots of sellotape, just in case.

I finished off 3 bags yesterday, I still want to tweak the pattern. I found it on the Lewis and Irene website, I love their fabrics, they have a few free patterns ready to download.

All part of the stash busting, I like the details but want to change the construction method slightly.

The pocket is perfect for pattern, needles and a notions pouch. It is deep enough to hold a purse safely for shopping.

It is quite cavernous, large enough for a man sized sweater or even a blanket.

There are 8 x 100 gm balls in here and still plenty of room.

I have some easy sewing to finish off later and then it will be time to clear the decks.

It is hospital day and luckily the roads were pretty clear, it helps that the hospital is well away from the town centre.
They were very busy so my new cast on socks have had a good kick start, cuff ribbing done and 8 rounds of pattern. I gave an impromptu lesson to another "chauffeuse" who had never used circular needles. She was delighted and planned a shopping trip in the New Year to gather supplies.

Dinner tonight is Gigantes Plaki, huge baked beans in plain speak. I am not sure what I will serve it with. Pudding is a made up thing, a base of bashed chocolate digestives stirred into melted butter and chilled. Topped with equal parts of double cream and condensed milk, whisked together with the rind and juice of a lemon. It sets almost instantly and just needs spooning on top of the base.

I think that it must be tea o'clock now before I get into the kitchen.

I hope that you are all keeping well, and warm or cool depending upon geography.

                       TTFN                                          Pam


  1. Those bags are really great Pam! And I'm in love with your deer linen! :) We're so close to Christmas! I have some quick last minute veggie shopping to do today and I'm stalling lol...I have to get out into society sooner than later so I can avoid the impending snow storm!

  2. Your pudding brings back memories....that's how my mum used to make 'cheesecake' when we were children. She added cottage cheese which she'd pressed through a sieve to the cream and condensed milk, along with the lemon rind/juice. She didn't use choc biscuits though, it was ginger biscuits by preference, or any other biscuits we happened to have if no gingernuts. By coincidence, I'm making a couple of cheesecakes at the weekend, one lemon & ginger, the other chocolate orange.

  3. Aww that looks a lovely cosy room.
    Hope you have a fabulous time together.

  4. Such a warm welcome she is getting. The bedding and cushions are a delight. Loved the bags, a beautiful make.

  5. Francesca's room looks so inviting, Pam, and I simply adore the bags you made. The fabrics are gorgeous, are you gifting them or making them to sell? I would love to buy one!

  6. I do like Francesca's bedding, very festive without being over the top. Daniel's arriving on Friday too but he won't be here until late, that's when Christmas for us will start. The bags are great, plenty of room for a larger project.

  7. That Christmas bedlinen with the home made patchwork cushions looks soooo pretty. What a fab guest room !


  8. The bags are fsntsdtic, are you making them for presents? Or to sell? The desserts sounds like my sort of pudding.

  9. I love your deer linen Pam, We bought a gorgeous Christmas duvet set from China and even though they aren't flannelette they are so cosy.
    I am all ready for Christmas now and there is nothing else I need to buy other than fresh milk.

  10. That bed linen is fab! I loved flannelette sheets when I was little, especially if a hot water bottle had been put in as well! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas 🎄
    Hugs LLJ xxxx

  11. Nothing beats flannelette sheets. So cuddly.

    Love the bags. You are going great guns on the stash busting.

    God bless.


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