Saturday 9 December 2017

White stuff. Oh yeah.

Yesterday we had a real humdinger of a hail storm, it was so loud that it drowned out radio 2. Then a bit later we had a flurry of snow, the sun came out and the white was gone.

Over night we have had more snow, enough to cover the roof and blanket the garden, it is quite cold so it may hang around for a bit.

Ben is totally underwhelmed, but then he has seen deep snow a couple of times.

Rufus is spellbound, his first taste of snow that is deep enough to leave proper footprints.

I am still taking it easy but am feeling almost back to normal(?).

I was awake early today so a cuppa and a few Vlogmas videos on You Tube. Then I wrapped Fran's stocking fillers and a few of her other gifts, there is still a respectable pile to work through. I have been making throughout the year and lost track of just how much there was.

I have lots more to wrap, the SO will do most of it, he is a gift wrapper most excellent. ( hmm that phrasing is the fault of watching too many episodes of Poirot)

I have dug out the Flax sweater, one sleeve almost done and one to start, it is cold enough now for the SO to wear it.

I have a traditional Advent calendar, really good dark chocolate, and have eaten 4 squares one of each flavour. The others (there are 2 in each little window) are going to W and the SO. I do like chocolate but only when I like it.
I looked at the cheese one (new that I would never stick to one a day) and lots of crafting versions (How Much!!!) Next year I am going to make one for myself. 24 packages, each one containing a ball of yarn and a pattern AND a mini skein of 4 ply sock wool.

The mini skeins will be for a blanket, the idea will be to knit or crochet each one up on the day that I open it. The larger balls will be for 1 skein projects, socks, hats, shawls, mittens and anything else that I can think of. I will collate these during the year and wrap in plain paper before storing in a box. Then I will take one out each day without the foggiest idea what I will unwrap.
I figure that it will give me structured knitting/crochet during the year, make a sizeable dent in the stash and make me much happier than any amount of chocolate ever could.

Now I need to persuade Ben that he really does want to go for a little walk before breakfast.

Keep warm during this cold snap and enjoy the weekend.

                        TTFN                                       Pam


  1. Love the idea of the wool advent. I really need to get my act together and get some more crafting done.

  2. What an absolutely brilliant idea for an advent calendar!

    Glad you're feeling better. My OH is also much better at wrapping things than I am.

  3. Hi Pam.Looks like you are in for more of the white stuff. We look like we will miss most of it which is a shame as we love it. Or should I say, we love looking at it through the window. I do like your idea of an advent calender. It will keep your hands busy far longer than chocolate. I have just bought Tony a Christmas Eve Box. It is beautifully made and I will fill it with all manner of little treats for him in the coming years. I plan to wrap them in plain paper (knicked that idea from your post). He can open one every hour when he finishes work on Christmas eve... He usually finishes work at lunch time so it will be a nice way to mark the day. Stay safe and warm this weekend. x

  4. I really like your idea for an Advent Calendar for next year. That will make a dent in your yarn stash.

    It is warming up a little here, and I figure that's why everyone in town is sniffing or sneezing. Up and down temperatures are not conducive to knowing how to dress.

    God bless.

  5. Hi Pam. Hope you are staying safe and warm. That chocolate sounds nice! Jo x

  6. What a fabulous idea to make your own Advent calendar next year.
    It's a good job I didn't know that you could get a cheese calender......I love cheese just a little bit too much.
    Glad to know you are on the mend now.

  7. hi pam...i absolutely love the idea of the "woolly" advent calendar...the snow has begun here, in the northeast US, and will continue into tomorrow...i enjoy your blog posts...take care...sally

  8. I like that idea of a special Advent Calendar made just for yourself!! That will be fun. Be sure to fill it early enough to forget what is in each day's box so you can enjoy the surprise more. Maybe have one of your nearest and dearests actually fill it! JanF

  9. Great ideas for the advent calendar! The weather here is beautiful,15C and supposed to stay like this for the next week. All the snow is gone. Everyone keeps saying we'll pay for this later and apparently the forecast for Christmas isn't good. Oh well, we'll enjoy it while we can!!


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