Wednesday 13 December 2017

Nom nom nom

That was the only way to describe our dinner tonight.

It was hospital day for W, and he got some good results, today. On the way back we stopped off at Tesco for some supplies. Of course we headed for the yellow sticker section, we did pause at the weekly fruit and veg offer stand.
I gathered 2 beautiful little cauliflowers, a bag of parsnips and a bag of sprouts for 29p each. mmm a meal idea is starting to grow.

Then on to the RTC section where I found a fresh large pineapple for 45 p and some Y-Fenni cheese at 25% of the original price.
Dinner will now be a roasted vegetable gratin followed by pineapple sponge pudding, nearly swoon.

I had a meal planned and we will have that tomorrow.

We have just eaten and it was every bit as good as I imagined it.
I took the same to W,  he is always tired after the pulling about he has to endure. 

After we had returned home and tea had been made and drunk I popped out to send a parcel off to my sister. She loves home made jam and jelly so a few jars are on their way to her. I called in to see Jess and Ivy on the way home and I am so pleased that the tree hat fits her perfectly. It was difficult to leave, she is a gorgeous little girl and loves to play.

Rufus is on rest for a little while, he has hurt one of his paws, and I received a mega loving greeting from him when I delivered W's dinner. I went down onto my knees so that he did not jump up and do any damage to that paw.

I have been wearing my new prescription glasses for a week now and although they are great for driving, reading and crafting I have still not adjusted to them. They are very heavy and I find myself squinting and tilting my head when shopping and cooking.

Because I will need a new prescription within a year I decided not to pay for extra thin lenses and the very best varyvision (not sure how to spell that) type that I usually have. It would have almost doubled the cost, now I am not sure whether I made the right decision but time will tell.

I have cast on a pair of scrappy socks, another thing on the crafting bucket list. Ooooooooooooooooooooh AND I ordered a book today, an Arne and Carlos book on Norwegian knitting, that is for my 2018 list of new things to learn.

My word is definitely going to be "explore" and I will be seeking help and advice as and when I need to. I am not too proud to ask,  just as I am always happy to help anyone who asks. 

I enjoyed knit and natter yesterday afternoon, it will be my last visit until next year. I want to spend sometime clearing the decks of some nearly finished projects, finish a pair of mittens that I cast on 
for Fran. They will match the hat that I put into her birthday parcel, she said how warm it was and asked if there was a chance of mittens.
I will finish the scrappy socks and decide upon my Christmas Eve cast on, there are several possibilities and once I find my mind I will make it up. There will be socks, of course, but I want to get a new garment made from stash. I need to make room for some yarn for my new book, well it would be rude not to.

Now, as usual, it is time for a cuppa before I settle down to watch a little TV while I get on with those mittens.

                        TTFN                                    Pam



  1. Goodness it sounds like you've had a busy day. Some great veg for a low price. Looking forward to hearing about the Norwegian knitting.

  2. I could have gone for a veg gratin or even a veg stir fry tonight but we ended up having beans on toast as we didn't fancy egg and chips. Weather was too foul to even think about nipping out.

  3. You have been busy today.

    God bless.

  4. For cheaper specs look for an optical workshop, they are not allowed to prescribe but they make glasses for the opticians so are much cheaper. Ours is called smart optics and is in Westcliff.

  5. Hi Pam :) I like the sound of your pudding!!! Oh, I hope Rufus feels better soon. We are having paw problems here, but it's because it's so frigidly cold lately, the dogs do their business quick and run back into the house!

  6. The Norwegian knitting book sounds really good, it's amazing how the whole Hygge thing has taken off recently. Your evening meal sounds delicious too, even better that you got the ingredients cheap :-D
    Hugs LLJ xxx


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