Sunday 10 December 2017

More white stuff.

I was woken, quite early this morning, by pounding rain. Woo Hoo free time to catch up on podcasts and vlogmas, with tea and knitting of course.

Anyhoo, I settled in front of the TV and started a 2 hour binge, during the course of which I stumbles across Mara knits and Skeindeer knits. both of whom I watched when they first started up and then lost track of.

I am now back on track and have subscribed to their channels. On a side note my Firestick keeps telling me that I will no longer be able to watch You Tube on it from the beginning of next year. No probs I can simply link lap top to TV and still watch on big screen.

I digress, during my binge of telly and yarn (the SO's Flax sweater) I realised that it had stopped raining. The next time that I went to top up my cup I saw this.

It is still coming down and settling, although the road is clear so far, despite the wet surfaces.

I am happy that my cupboards are well stocked, I did the big shop of non perishables at the optimum time. I predict that before the end of the day the local shops will have no milk or bread. I further predict that at least half of that purchased will go down the plug hole or in the food waste bin. Panic buying just leads to waste.

Now I need to finish my cuppa and have a whizz round the house before deciding what I will do. There is a mantel scarf to cut out and sew, if I like it enough I may make one for myself.
I have a pile of scraps that need sorting into size and colour and I hope to make time to wind a few bobbins.

I am well on the way down the second sleeve on the Flax and it would be good to get some more time on that. It will be my knitting of choice tonight, although Strictly may have me dropping it into my lap.

Keep warm, keep safe.

                     TTFN                                   Pam


  1. It's snowing heavily here too Pam. We had loads of the stuff yesterday which cleared slightly and now it's thicker than ever as it began again in the early hours. Stay warm!

  2. Snowing a little here, but the ponds aren't frozen and it isn't laying on the paths or patio. I have a multitude of small birds at the feeders though, so will need to be out there topping up before lunchtime.

    Like you, we keep a well-stocked storecupboard and freezer and I got in extra cat food this past week, just in case.

    Sounds like you are crafting up a storm, as always.

  3. We have some white stuff too....lots of it.
    Stay safe and warm.

  4. The rain and wind were really strong first thing and then it turned to snow. So Essex too is lovely and white and showing no signs of abating. Still hate the stuff!!!

  5. My sister and I had a lovely day for our travels yesterday and the rest of the week looks just as nice for our area. I think what little snow we have my end up disappearing very soon. This weather is not what we are used to and everyone is a bit concerned about climate change, drought conditions, and the fact that we have no snow (the last bit could change).

    God bless.

  6. It was 26C here today and there is still smoke from the fires in the air. They are saying no chance of rain till past Christmas. We are far enough away from the main fires but 18 miles from the one that burned in Bel Air. The governor of CA says this is the new normal with climate change and we should get used to it. Stay warm!

  7. Hope you enjoyed Strictly. Like you I was crafting along to the TV. In my case hand quilting a Star quilt which I want to finish by the end of the year. And again, like you, I stopped sewing during every dance. What a show!


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