Monday 18 December 2017

Driving in the clouds

After walking the dogs this morning, Rufus is much more like himself thankfully, I got ready to go to Ammanford. As I was half way there I carried on to Llandeilo, a quick visit to the Flying Geese to wish Sue and Rob a happy Christmas (and drop off some mincemeat slice) and then on to Deb,s wool shop. Debs wasn't there but the lovely Chrissie was in residence. I had some yarn ordered for the SO to finish off a project, photo tomorrow. I was also delighted to be given a gift from Chrissie, made with her own fair hands, and one from Debs and David. 
Rest assured that they are stashed away with all the other gifts and will be under the tree at the right time.

We left home in bright sunshine and it was only after driving through Llandybie that we drove into a thick veil of fog. There was the odd patch of sunlight forcing it's way through but for the most it was almost a peasouper. In fact as we drove over the bridge into town the fog took on a dark green murky hue. Nothing sinister just the thick bank of trees climbing up from the rivers edge.

Last nights dinner was "A MAZ ING" to quote a well known judge.

The veg looks a bit insipid here but a little time over a high flame soon added some deep caramel colours, along with taste. It was a touch sweet, I will use celeriac and some fennel next time round, but I made a pesto with shredded sprouts, almonds, cashews, parsley and rapeseed oil, the juice and zest of a fat lemon added some zing. Stirred into the casserole it added the perfect counter note.

Tonight we are having cauliflower and sweet potato curry with ginger and lemongrass, Tarka dahl and some chick pea and butternut squash patties with kashmiri chutney.

The snake has grown, I am aiming to empty my bowl of yarn bits before putting this on one side. There is a pair of scrappy socks on the needles and I have the yarn lined up (from stash) for some mittens from my Arne and Carlos book.

I have just seen the time and have to go and get the Tarka made for dinner.

                           TTFN                                      Pam


  1. We have freezing fog due here tomorrow. We are certainly getting the full range of weather this winter.

  2. Very foggy here today too especially in the big town when Andy and I were this morning.
    Was really ready to get home but if I had known what was facing me I think I would have gone back and stayed in the fog.

  3. The snake has surely grown. I love the colours.

    Fog is so mysterious. I love the way it seems to deaden sound.

    God bless.

  4. The snake looks so cheerful and colourful, I really like it. :) Oh I love foggy nights. Once in a while we'll have a foggy winter night in the snow when it gets really humid out, the world looks blue! I laughed at the "pea-souper"! :)


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