Friday 22 December 2017

What's occurring?

Is the world going mad?

B & M, known in this house as "burgers 'n mayo, started their Boxing Day Sale a week ago.

Wilkinson,s halved the price of Christmas decs around the same time.

More cookery books than I can shake a stick at are being advertised on prime time TV, alongside Hollywood style adverts for every seasonal meal that you could possibly imagine, ready to pop in the oven. No work needed.

There have been dire warnings that this new benefit system will result in a landslide of evictions, while the people who dreamed it up and put it in place have their heads below the parapet. Mouths tight shut.

Amid reports of growing alcohol related illness and accidents supermarkets are pushing booze at prices lower than some bottled water.

I have a large leather sofa that is in the way, I have been advised that if I advertise it on a "free to good home" website most of the replies will be from  dealers looking to sell it on.

Once again the police are expecting a rash of DD offences, in fact these have already begun. Works parties are notorious for this.

While there are those to whom Christmas is a means of showing the Jones's just who can spend the most others will struggle to put food in their children,s mouths.

This last one does not sit easy with me. In fact it has kept me awake at nights. There is real and complete poverty throughout this affluent country and  my new country of residence is not exempt.

I have spoken before of my desire to do something more for a good cause next year. To take that extra step.

I have a quilt to make for a friend and I will be making another to donate. I hope to find an organisation who will raffle it off. The first people that I will approach is Tesco, in each of their stores they have a food bank collection box. Also at regular intervals they have a team collecting food and other necessities in store. 
If any of you have a better idea please let me know.

If this is a success I will repeat it as often as I can.

My Christmas begins today, I am off shortly to collect Fran from the station. Her room has fairy lights and a tree, all turned on, there is Christmas music playing softly and the curtains are drawn. Fluffy towels are hanging in front of the radiator, bath bombs ready and a fresh cooked loaf of bread for a sandwich after her bath. She will want one after the train journey.

                           TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. Our B&M haven't got their sale on but the shelves have been stripped of Christmas stuff which has then been crammed into another area.
    Tesco were condensing their Christmas to a smaller space to make way for acres of booze. I jokingly said they would have their Easter Eggs out the next

    We do live in a very sad and mad world these days and my heart breaks for people who struggle to feed their families. I do my bit but I definitely need to do more in some way.

    Sounds like Fran will be a happy girl when she gets home.

  2. RE the quilt you want to donate. Try Links in LLANELLI. Ex services charity. Just a suggestion.
    Merry Christmas to you all, including Ben.x

  3. Today I go out with our Social Justice group and deliver Christmas hampers to those in need. There are so many needy here that the hampers have had to get a bit smaller in order to give everyone a chance at food on the table for Christmas.

    I love your idea of finding a group to raffle off your quilt.

    God bless.

  4. I help make quilts with a group of ladies, made from re-purposed clothing, and they're donated to daycare centers, abuse centers, homeless shelters, elder care centers and so forth. Another idea lately is bringing a can or two of non-perishable food as a part of the entry fee to arts and craft fairs, church dinners, and other programs. Then they are turned over to a local food pantry.

  5. The world has indeed gone mad, the Untied States is on top of the mad list. I think we are all weary after this crazy year. We donate and try to help those in need. It is the best we can do and seems we will need to do more of that as this madness continues. I wish you a wonderful Christmas, Fran will enjoy her special time with you I know.

  6. Merry Christmas Pam, have a wonderful, restful time with Fran and SO.


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