Thursday 21 December 2017

Sew far, Sew nearly done.

We don't usually wear "Christmas clothes" but this year it is all change.

We have Christmas jumpers, from Home Bargains, well the SO has a cardigan. I bought that because it inspired me for a Christmas quilt for next year, it is a row pattern and I will take a photo on the day.
(I haven't forgotten the photo of the SO,s project, we have been quite busy and it is not completed yet, it MUST be done today.)

Any how, The SO and Fran will each have a pair of "jogging bottoms" in this cotton and I will have a skirt.

I got this from the Fabric Guild for next to nothing, £3.30 a metre, all there is left to do is finish off the elastic casing and hem the bottoms.

I paid a little more for this fabric, possibly £6 or £7 a metre, the SO spotted it and wanted joggers ( or as he calls them Slobbers) because "that is brilliant" . This from the man who wore grey, grey and grey with just a little black or  white with blue jeans.

Now he will layer on the colour regardless.

I am off in a little while to take W to his parents grave, he always puts flowers on and there is no reason why this year should be any different.

Dinner tonight will be veg and bean patties, with sprouts and chestnuts and a sweet potato mash, a goodly dollop of cranberry sauce will be lovely on the side.

No recipe, I will make it up as I go.

I need to get ready for the off now.

                               TTFN                                   Pam


  1. I was looking for fabric for Christmas, but could only get cotton, when shopping in Asda we got Christmas PJs, which we are all wearing including Will. Merry Christmas

  2. I love the Christmas fabric but the Route 66 one has sent me all twiddly again. Your SO has some very good taste I must say.

    Your dinner sounds amazing. Unfortunately I neither know nor care what we are having tonight. I am fooded out with all these extras I have been making for Christmas.

  3. I brought some Route 66 fabric so very similar back from our holiday. Dinner sounds delicious.

  4. Lots of people turned up with Christmas jumpers and t-shirts at weightwatchers this morning and it was lovely. I would like a naughty elf t-shirt.

  5. Love the fabrics you have. Perhaps next year I will make us all Christmas pajamas.

    God bless.

  6. I love your slobbers-what a fantastic name for them. You are amazing, Pam, the amount of creative things you do (and finish). I made four napkins from a red tablecloth today and am really pleased with them as I managed to fussy cut the original to get a large embroidered snowflake in each one right in the corner. Catriona

  7. I love your fabric choices, good that SO is celebrating the colour xx

  8. That's awesome fabric! I live right off of Route 66 in Southeast Kansas.

  9. Good idea to ask Tesco if you could raffle your donation quilt through their store. If they won't agree perhaps you could ask at your local Charity shops? Our local Hospice has a shop and I know they have raffles. Last year one of the quilt groups I attend was asked to make Christmas tree decorations and sets of Christmas placemats for their shop.


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