Thursday 17 May 2018

A brief (I hope) hiatus

There is a Family Situation so normal service will be suspended for a while.
I hope to be back in a week.

                               TTFN                                    Pam

I may have to have an official birthday as mine will probably go missing.
Does that mean I can subtract  a year by default?

Or is that pie in the sky?

Cos it won't be in my dish.


  1. Thank you for letting us know, Pam. I hope the situation resolves in a good way for all. No bad thing to lose a birthday, as long as it means you can subtract the year! Seriously, I hope your birthday celebrations, when you can manage them, go to your liking. Sending a hug x

  2. Of course you can have an official birthday. I am still waiting for my Birthday Day Out as we were busy preparing for a - pointless - viewing.

    I hope that the family situation isn't too dire. Haste ye back.

  3. Hope the situation can be sorted.Sending a squishy hug your way x

  4. Hope all is well with the family and that you manage to celebrate your Birthday. Take care.

  5. I hope it settles, whatever it is, and that you are OK.

  6. I think if a birthday goes missing you are allowed to deduct a year and start counting backwards instead. Standing still on age would be just too dull.

    Look after yourself.

  7. Hope your family situation will be solved quickly and painlessly and best wishes for the forthcoming birthday.

    Good idea you're having an official birthday but in the meantime sending mega vibes that there will be some treats on the forthcoming one too!

    Love the scrappy socks!

  8. Hoping that everything is OK Pam.

  9. Hope the situation is resolved soon and you can show us some more of your wonderful makes.

  10. Good luck with the family situation Pam. Thinking of you!


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