Saturday 12 May 2018

Oh For Goodness Sake.

Back from Llandeilo, eaten, showered and in PJ,s. Sat down to download todays Me Made May photo and Pftt, it has evaporated.
I will put the gear onto my model in the morning and try again. There are times when I think that technology will take over the world, just like a bad Syfy movie. I saw the blasted photos but they just disappeared into the ether.

I was good, no fabric was bought. Much was looked at longingly and some was stroked. 

I was lucky to have some customers who wanted to do some fabric matching for quilting projects.

The sun shone most of the day and the shop was warm enough that I might have nodded off, if I had been sitting down.

I hope to spend lots of time in the garden during next week, which is perhaps a good thing. The engine warning light came on in the car today, so on Monday it will be going off to the garage. Fingers crossed that it is something simple.
I do not use it every day but you can bet that if it is in overnight I will be aching to use it.

I will keep this short as I am weary and an early night is on the cards.

                               TTFN                                    Pam


  1. My fingers are crossed that the car is easily sorted - good luck.
    J x

  2. Mine are too, once I get out into the garden though it will be a different matter.


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